Disney On Ice – 2016

Jan 27, 2016

Disney On Ice - 2016

Anna and Elsa, Ariel and Sebastian, Peter Pan and Tingeling – those are just a couple of the characters you can see in this years Disney On Ice. Celebrating their 25th anniversary the Disney characters are still spinning strong on the ice. The two hour show (including a 15 minute break) is exactly as the name states, different Disney characters dancing on ice.

Disney on ice 2016

We were lucky and got to see the show while they were preforming in Malmö, Sweden. There were six of us in different ages and we all enjoyed the show (in different degrees).
I LOVED IT. The costumes, the choreography, the fires, the bubbles, the “snow”, all of it got me sucked into the world of Disney. It felt like nothing was happening on the ice without a reason. In the show we saw, all the songs were in Swedish and to be honest I would much more prefer to see it in english. Since we always watch the Disney movies in english and not in Swedish I do think that it would have been even more powerful to hear Elsa (from Frost) sing Let It Go instead of “Slå Dig Fri”.

Natalie, my ten years old niece loved it as much as I did but her younger brother Oscar got bored and just wanted to eat popcorn (witch by the way were way overpriced = 90:-SEK for a bag of popcorn?!).
Mini thought it was ok, nothing more nothing less. He felt that the miming to songs from the actors was not that good and that it was a shame that it was not live singing. I do have to agree that most of the actors do just move their lips and can not the lyrics of the songs but at the same time it was a show in Swedish and I bet the actors come from all over the world and that they preform in several different languages.

My sister and husband liked the show and enjoyed them selves. We all agreed that the part from the movie Frost was the best.  When it came to costumes my favorites were Pumba (from The Lionking) and the flamingos (from The little Mermaid).

Pumba and Timon from The Lion King

Pumba and Timon from The Lion King

My favorite costume of all times - look at the legs!!!

My favorite costume of all times – look at the legs!!!

The prices range from 205:-SEK to 425:-SEK per ticket. We were sitting in the front row at Malmö Arena and I liked our seats because we could see everything well and I got to se some of the details of the characters costumes. Sparkling Swarovski crystals and cool colors, all mixed in one magical show!

This is a show that I believe is made for kids but it even entertains adults. As I said before. I LOVED IT and sitting that close to the ice, I could feel the cold breeze during the performance of Frost – something that only enhanced the experience!

When Disney On Ice comes to your Country and to your town – check it out!

Disney on ice

Disney on ice

Disney on ice

Disney on ice

Disney on ice gif

Disney on ice gif


  1. Sarah

    Vill oxå gå på de 🙂 De e så fint 🙂

  2. Frida

    Jag måste verkligen gå på det någon gång. Har aldrig varit på det. 🙂
    Ja det är skönt att dom ska göra det medan vi är borta 🙂


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