Documentary for radio with a survivor

Sep 9, 2016


Documentary time! This will be a working weekend but a great one. Linnea is coming and we are going to work on our documentary about Genia – the survivor from Auschwitz. 

Working on a documentary for radio

What used to be work is becoming more and more my hobby. I am currently writing on three different articles about travel for Allt om Resor and this weekend will be dedicated to work. But work does not feel like work with Linnea. We somehow complete each other and we make everything fun. We have already plans for several more radio documentaries – and our first is not yet done.

While she is here we will also take our time to just hang and maybe also do some touristing. There is so much to see just around the corner and we get inspiration from everything. I am so happy that we got to know each other and this is a friendship for life. Since I am 99 percent travel writer, she is a podcaster and together we make magic. Yes I know – big words for something that is not yet done but we have faith. Together we will make wonders ;).

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