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Last updated Jul 8, 2022
D’Origem Wine and olive oil tasting

At Quinta  D’Origem, the focus is on both wine and olive oil. The whole spirit of this place is on paying a tribute to the ancestors of this vineyard. Located in the Douro Valley, this place is a nice and quaint family-owned winery. Being part of the UNESCO world heritage site is a privilege and the family has taken their responsibility to the fullest. Come here and stay at your home away from home!

D’Origem – a grand view for their visitors

Founded in 2001, but with a vineyard that is centuries old, this place allows you to take part in their heritage. Paulo and Sandra Duarte are the owners of D’Origem and the olive oil museum. Paulo and Sandra have made their Quinta so welcoming and nice. A big bonus is that they have a terrace with the most amazing view of the valley. A visit to the Douro Valley wouldn’t be complete without a visit to D’Origem.

We ended up coming here during a day that started out cloudy. However, during our visit, the clouds moved away and we got to see the amazing view. There’s something special being out on the terrace – looking at the river and the vineyard. It needs to be experienced firsthand, that’s for sure! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly amazing. And while being in Northern Portugal, check out the UNESCO site in Braga too.

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Visit the Olive Oil Museum

Olive Oil Museum at D’Origem

All the things found at the museum of olive oil are original and most of them are really old. By making an appointment and getting a guided tour here, you’ll learn all about how the oil used to be produced. It’s easy to understand why olive oil used to be for the more privileged. Since it took so much work to make the oil – all with manual labor. For example, the olive oil paste had to be pressed with the help of round plates.

Today, it’s a lot easier since it has become more mechanical. However, getting great olive oil is still an art form that not everyone can do. At D’Origem they have it all covered. Their olive oil is really good! Everyone can enjoy the olive oil museum but be sure to make a reservation so you know it will be open.

Stay in one of the nice rooms

D’Origem offers nice rooms

Since this part of the Douro Valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are many rules to follow when you want to renovate or change something. We believe that the renovations of the rooms took longer than planned since there were so many rules. In the end, this has become a beautiful Quinta with several rooms you can stay in. I loved the details inside the rooms.

For example, they have a vase with corks. What a great detail that is! By spending a night here, you can enjoy the wine tasting and don’t worry about getting back home. And what can be better than waking up to an amazing view as they have here. To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you book a room for the night and enjoy your stay.

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Wine and olive tasting at D’Origem

Ok, so the view is amazing and the olive oil museum is really nice. But, the best part has to be the wine tasting. Their wines are great! We got to try several different wines and olive oils. And, add to that – they make their own jams and marmalade. And that’s not all – they also grow their own almonds. Best of all is that we got to try everything out! Who knew that tomato jam could be this good?!

Another thing that we really liked about this place is that they also make their own grape juice. Non-alcoholic grape juice that tastes really good. So many things here take the wine tasting to a new level. And, you can also buy their wine and olive oil online. They ship worldwide so that’s great. We ended up buying a couple of bottles. Their rosé is so good. The name ”Fisgas” means slingshot. However, in Swedish, the word translates to fartgas so it’s both great tasting and also funny!

Information about D’Origem

Address: Rua da Praça, nº 4, Casal de Loivos, 5085-010 Pinhão, Portugal.
Website of D’Origem


  1. Ed Hagan

    I emailed Paolo about purchasing some tins of olive oil and having them shipped to Montana and not heard back
    Eo Hagan

    • Daniel Majak

      I´m sure that they will reply. Just try again, they are very serious about what they do.

  2. Brenda Brandt

    I would like to purchase some Tim’s of olive oil

    • Daniel Majak

      Just make contact with them and they will help you.

  3. Dawn Holland

    Had an amazing trip here on our tour of th Douro Valley and yes we loved the wines which we were able to bring back to the UK

    Bought some olive oil too which we haven’t opened yet as we’ve just got home but look forward to trying

    ….and yes the view was spectacular. Thankyou for such a lovely experience

  4. michael holland

    recently visited and olive oil was out of this world, please keep me informed for further purchases


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