Dragonfly restaurant, Puerto Rico

Dragonfly restaurant in Puerto Rico. This is more than a restaurant. It is also an experience because it is a different place that you just need to see. 

Dragonfly restaurant, Puerto Rico

Bianca, our hostess welcomes us and show us around and lets us choose our our table. First impression that hits you is the interior. The restaurant is painted all red with lanterns and to be honest… my first thought was is this a brothel?
Next thing that comes to mind is how good looking all the people working here are. Everyone that greets us look like they walked straight out of a fashion magazine. Our drink maker (yes we had a different person presenting the drinks) take our order.

Dragonfly Restaurant San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dragonfly Restaurant San Juan, Puerto Rico

What to drink

There are a lot of different drinks to choose from and most of them have funny names like Wasabitini (a drink with wasabi) and Gin Rickshaw with cucumber. I chose a drink called Dragon Punch. It was made with guava, passion and ginger punch and with Don Q Limon Rum. Mini chose a Lemon-grass Kicker made of vanilla vodka, fresh lemongrass, lime juice and sugar. They were both really good! And Rafa was experimenting with a new drink that he was trying to make to taste like Tipicai candy (a Puerto Rican candy). We got to try his drink and it was so good! He also gave us tips on what to do off the beaten path while in Puerto Rico.

Dragonfly Drinks San Juan, Puerto Rico

What to eat

Dragonfly restaurant is an fusion restaurant that serves asian and latin food. The menu has a lot of interesting dishes (besides sushi) to choose from. We ordered Peking Duck Nachos. Yes you read it right. Peking Duck Nachos talk about fusion :). And we also ordered Mini Short Rib Tacos. The food was super good and an experience by itself. The flavors were perfect and we recommend this restaurant to everyone! The bill was 70:-USD for our meals and drinks.

Peking Duck Nachos at Dragonfly Restaurant San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dragonfly restaurant Mini Short Rib Tacos, Puerto rico

Adress: 364 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
Website: http://www.dragonflysanjuan.com

Dragonfly Restaurant interior San Juan, Puerto Rico

Restaurant interior San Juan, Puerto Rico


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