Dreaming Of Hawaii!


Hawaii is just as magical as you can imagine, and even more. This is a post with pictures that makes us dream of going back there and exploring some more. It has been several years since we were there so it might be time to revisit.

Snorkeling in Hawaii

Dreaming of Hawaii
The crystal clear water makes it a great place to snorkel. You can see some amazing marine life while getting your hair wet in Hawaii.

Bathing in a waterfall

Dreaming of Hawaii 4
The water (as I recall was really cold). But still this is hard to beat. Imagine walking in a tropical forrest all day and then getting to a waterfall. A hidden oasis – just for you!

The Fallen of Pearl Harbor


A special and humbling moment to see all the names of Americans that lost their lives. Names upon names that are engraved into white marble.

Lava hitting the waters of Hawaii

A magical moment where lava hits the water and explodes. This shows the power of nature.

Hawaiian jungle walk 

Walking through the jungle in paradise. What a special moment.


  1. Marran

    Vilken lång lista på de stupade! Var i tunnlarna som de grävde i Vietnam och innan vi fick gå ner i tunnlarna fick vi se en film om hur många det var i kriget som dog (både amerikaner och vietnameser)

  2. Nilma

    Guuud vad härligt det ser ut 😀

  3. Malin

    Skulle vara häftigt att åka dit någon gång! 🙂

  4. Johanna

    Attans att igelkotten är special beställt i England! 🙁

    Inget dåligt träd det där… cch härligt bad vid ett vattenfallså ):

  5. Rebecca

    Så otroligt härliga bilder, gillar den sista! Shysst utsikt!

  6. Malin

    Otroligt härligt, dit vill jag åka!


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