A Sneakpeak from Antigua!

En Sneakpeak från Antigua!

Antigua. A paradise that has so much to offer. Here is a sneakpeak of what we did while there.

A sneakpeak from Antigua.

All the information with prices and facts will be published another day. This is just a sneakpeak from Antigua. We wnt to swim with stingrays out in the wild.
No cages no bars – just a whole bunch of stingrays that were very friendly.
Yes it was kind of scary in the beginning. This is the animal that killed Steve Irwin. The “crocodile hunter” survived  while playing with massive crocodiles but was killed by a stingray?!

Scary at first.

After a while we became friends.

He (or she) really liked my boobs 😉

Still scary when therea are to many of them!

With Love from the caribbean.

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  1. Ser lite läskigt ut det där. :-)

  2. Häftigt! Men de är väl farliga?

  3. Men oj så cooolt! Rockorna ser ju enorma ut! :)


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