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Last updated Feb 3, 2022
Porto Exit Games

Did we mention that we love Escape Games? If not – we love Escape Games! And what is even better is that each time is a totally different experience. Now, we haven’t done that many rooms but so far, we haven’t found anything that is similar to another room we have done. And now we can add the Port Wine Sabotage to our list!

Exit Games about port wine

With Annica at the Livraria Lello which is located just 2 minutes away from the escape rooms.

While being in Porto, drinking port wine, and exploring the city, I came across Exit Games and I got intrigued right away. The fact is that we will be writing about different port wine houses and about the wine in a Swedish magazine. I wanted to find something different to add to the article and that’s how I came across the Exit Games and their room about the Port Wine Sabotage.

If you are completely new to Escape rooms, check out our previous article where we describe more about Escape Rooms. We had our dear friend Annica (yes she has the same name as me but with a different spelling) coming and visiting us so she joined us. Usually, it’s always just Mini and me so it was fun to be one person more inside the room.

Grabbing a cup of coffee before the adventure

Porto Exit Games

Nestled inside the same building as the Exit Games is a nice coffee place. Since we arrived earlier and were eager to get started, we decided to grab a cup of coffee first. Leitaria da Quinta do Paco serves some awesome lattes! We went there with Annica and had a quick cup while getting hyped up about the room. Annica had done two rooms before and Mini and I have done about five so we are still pretty new at this.

The coffee was really good and I even got extra whipped cream since Annica can’t have it. So before heading to the Exit Rooms in Porto, we can recommend you to have something to drink and maybe a cake and prepare for your adventure next door.

Porto Exit Games

Porto Exit Games

At Porto Exit games they have three different rooms to choose from. We chose Port Wine Sabotage since I loved the theme and it felt fitting since we were in Porto. It is a linear game and has a difficult ranking of 65 percent. That means that it’s the easiest game here. Their game The Sacrifice was nominated as one of the best escape rooms in Portugal. It has a difficulty of 80 percent.

Finally, they have the escape room that is called Lost Memories that has 100 percent difficulty. We ended up playing the Port wine room and it was so much fun. It is hard to write about the room since we don’t want to give away any spoilers. However, I will still describe our adventure and experience so that you can get an idea of how much fun this actually is!

Playing Port Wine Sabotage

Porto Exit Games

So, the whole point is to cooperate and solve different tasks to be able to get out of the room within one hour. We could get clues and leads if the guy organizing the game thought that we needed it. For example, if we got stuck for too long. For some reason, we all went our separate ways and everyone was doing something by themselves. The theme was port wine and we all went all in!

Usually, you need to work together but, in this case, it ended up working just fine. We kept asking each other about different things but in the end, we were all running around. On some level, we must’ve been working together because we opened the door when it was 5 minutes and 25 seconds left. And we didn’t use any clues! Thank you so much Porto Exit games for having us! We had a blast!!!

Information about Porto Exit Games

Address: Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 53, Porto.
Opening hours: You need to make reservations. Each room takes one hour.
Website of Porto Exit Games.

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