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Feb 4, 2018

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Ok, so the website finallylost was supposed to be up and running at the end of last year. However, the day has finally come and our brand new website is launched. From now on you can expect updates and loads of information from all around the world! Do we need to tell you how happy we are?! Our goal is to give our readers inspirational articles and information about different places you can visit.

Organizing Finallylost

You will have to bare with us that there will be somewhat chaos among the categories and destinations for a while. This site is brand new and there is a ton of stuff that we need to fix to make it perfect. However, we are prioritizing to get new content out so bare with us!

This is a brand new start for us (well all the content has been transferred here so not completely new) but we are so psyched that it is crazy! I wake up each morning and can’t wait to sit down and write – that is an amazing feeling to have! And best of all – writing is my job!
Finally Finallylost

Thank you to Assist Media

The guys behind the website are Assist Media and we want to thank them for their patience, for listening to our feedback and for making our baby perfect and just the way we want it! Sure it took some time but it was all worth the wait.

They really went inside my head and saw my vision and made it real. We have been calling and emailing back and forth for months now but man it turned out great! We are so proud of our new website!

Bring bling…

Since 2009 we have been Bring Bling To Everything and Bring Bling To Traveling and the people that have followed us for long can still use those names. The only thing that happens is that you will be redirected to
Finally we are finally lost

Why a new name?

We both felt that we were ready for a brand new start when our “real and new lives” started. Finally lost represents our new life – living full time in a motorhome and having our home wherever we are parked. We are finally lost in the world and loving every second of it! I still love the “Bring Bling To Traveling” but it was time to move on. And the main thing was that it was to long of a name :).

New articles and blogposts

So this is our brand new site – our baby and we hope that you want to join us on our journey through the world. Please follow us on the different channels and make sure to subscribe. This will get you an email each time we post something new on the site!

Thank you for making our dreams a reality! We will make sure you get the inspiration that you need to travel more and to live your dreams – one post at a time!
Volcanic champagne to celebrate

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      Tack så mycket!

  1. Anna Majak

    Mycket fin sida! Mycket läsning och många fantastiska bilder. Kram till er båda.

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      Tack så mycket😘 🌹

  2. Inger

    Ni är bäst! Lycka till‼️

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      Tusen tack finaste Inger!😍

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      Tack så mycket och vi hoppas vi ses snart!


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