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Fishbroetchen is a dish that’s often served in the northern parts of Germany. The name sounds complicated if you ask us but it’s a sandwich with fish. Translated into English it literary means fish bun. We went to the restaurant UNDERDOCKS, an urban fish and food restaurant.

Fishbroetchen started the idea for UNDERDOCKS

One of the owners, Burhan Schawich, studied economy and one day he went with a friend to the fish market. There, they noticed that the only time you could get a good tasting fishbroetchen was on Sundays and you had to go to the fish market to get it. So the two guys decided to start their own place and serve really high-quality fish meals for a good price.

Since 2018 UNDERDOCKS is up and running and they serve high-quality food in a somewhat fast food theme.
– If you want to get some really fresh and good fish you needed to go to a high-end restaurant or to the fish market on Sundays. We wanted to change that and make it more mainstream, says Burhan Schawich.
And they are proof that quality doesn’t need to be expensive!

The amazing interior is made by the guys

Before the restaurant opened. Burhan and his business partner wanted to create the perfect environment for their place. They made a place that takes your mind to the harbor. Everything with the interior is made by the guys themselves. There’s a container that they cut in half and placed inside the restaurant. The place gives a casual atmosphere but at the same time, it feels super trendy.

The longer you look the more details you will find. It’s a really cool place with the right vibes. And it’s all about the details. For example, the water is served in crystal glasses! There’s room for 65 guests inside and another 30 outside. Burhan tells us that if you are a party of more than six people, reservation is preferred but otherwise, just come here and have a great high-quality meal for a fair price.
Underdocks restaurant Hamburg

Trying out food at UNDERDOCKS

We let Burhan decide what to eat from the menu. And he does not disappoint us. First, we get the Crayfish roll with cheesy sweet potatoes. And we also get the Crunchy backfish and chips. To this day, Their fish and chips is the best we have ever eaten at any restaurant! And then there are the sauces. Oh, how we love all of them. All the sauces are incredible. We get:

  • Spicy mayo.
  • Roasted garlic mayo (our absolute favorite).
  • Remoulade.
  • Fresh Lime creme.

price example for that is 9,50 euros for the crayfish roll. 8,90 euros for the fish and chips. And it’s served as it would be in a gourmet restaurant. The sauces really complement the food and they have so much taste. Each of them is made in-house from a secret recipe.
fish and chips

Different tacos – gourmet food

We have not yet finished the food before a new plate is introduced at our table. When looking at the menu, each taco is 4,90 euros. If you order three, that’s enough. We get a salmon taco, a black tiger taco, and a vegetarian taco. Yes, this place serves vegetarian food too. We both admire how the food at UNDERDOCKS is presented.

I love the way the tacos are open but you can easily close them and eat them without any mess. And they are soo good! They are all really good! If we were living in Hamburg we would come here all the time. And the thing is that we are not big fans of fish and yet this place is awesome. We can let you guys know that UNDERDOCKS also do catering and events. Check it out while in Hamburg. We loved this place!
Different tacos - gourmet food

Information about UNDERDOCKS

Address: Neuer Kamp 13, Hamburg.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12.00 – 22.00. Friday: 12.00 – 23.00. Saturday: 14.00 – 23.00. Sunday: 14.00 – 22.00. And on Mondays it’s closed.

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    Ser helt fantastiskt gott ut! Ljuvliga bilder ni gjort med. Ska definitivt dit och kika om vi besöker Hamburg. Tack för tipset!

    • Annika & Mini

      Det var ett riktigt bra ställe som vi varmt kan rekommendera!


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