Five places in Europe you might want to check out

Aug 6, 2019

Five places in Europe you might want to check out
There are many places in Europe that are worth visiting. And most of the world is easy to access by flight, train or by car. Each journey starts with one step and we often start by looking at the momondo website for flights.

Visiting Europe in the fall

There is something special with fall and when the colors start changing on the leaves. Sure summer is great but all the different seasons have the special things that make them awesome. We have listed a couple of places that you might like to check out during the fall.

Make sure to check out the momondo website (or app) and see what kind of deal you can find for some of the destinations that are listed down below. Our next trip will be to Poland, but just over a weekend. We are going there for a birthday celebration.

Poznan – Where you can make famous Croissants

The town of Poznan in Poland has a lot to offer. So far it’s still somewhat of a hidden gem in Poland but it’s becoming more and more popular each year. During our visit in Poznan, we ended up visiting a brewery and making some of the best croissants we have ever tried.

Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania (as it’s called in Polish) is a really great and interactive place where you can see how the protected croissants are made. And yes, it is true that they are protected within the EU and are only allowed to be made in Poznan. From the museum, you can also see the famous goats and see them fight. Yes, you read it right. Want to know more? Check out the flight connections to Poznan, using momondo.
Poznan - Five places in Europe you might want to check out
Poznan - Five places in Europe you might want to check out

Prague with a twist

There is so much to explore in Prague that you could spend several weeks here. One of my favorite things was looking for artwork made by David Cerny, a local artist in Prague that raises a lot of eyebrows. He is provocative and a lot of people get upset by his artwork. But at the same time, he has an important message that he wants to spread.

We literary walked into one of his artwork and I fell in love! After doing some ”googling” we spend a couple of days, just walking around the city of Prague, looking for every piece of art that he has made and that is placed there. This is a great way of exploring Prague on a budget! If you are lucky you might get to meet the artist at the Meat factory where he has created an art center.
Prague with a twist
David Černý, Prague, Czech Republic

Amongst cars in Malaga

Malaga in Spain has a lot to offer. We have spent some time there and one of our favorite places was in a car and fashion museum. It was so cool that we haven’t even understood what kinds of treasures we saw there. That is the number one thing to put on your list if you decide to go to Malaga in the fall (or whenever you might go there).

And if different museums are your thing we have another tip for you! The Museum of Glass and Crystal is awesome and different in all kinds of ways. We were guided by the owner of the house and we quickly realized that this is a great place even if you are not interested in either glass or crystal. It’s relaxed and you will learn a lot of fun facts about glass and how it’s made.
Amongst cars in Malaga

Visit the awesome town of Lisbon

You could spend months and months here and still have more to explore. We have been in Lisbon for about a month and we have already a new list of stuff that we want to do there the next time around. There are some things that we can recommend that you check out…

And if you have a couple of days planned in Lisbon, also make sure to take the train to Sintra and spend the day there. It’s like stepping into a fairytale!

Lisbon Cafe de Belem

Explore the broken relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

Broken relationships are nothing to make fun of or joke about. However, in Zagreb, they have an incredible museum that is dedicated to just that… broken relationships. And it’s not as bad as it sounds. The museum is created from things and notes that people have donated. Some of them are heartbreaking but for the most part, they are funny and different stories about love that has ended.

One example is the license plate of a car. One person has donated the plate and the story is about the car and when it got into bad shape for her to keep it. This is also a broken relationship but with a car and a human. Make sure to check it out when you find yourself in Zagreb!

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Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
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