Fly with Norwegian to Puerto Rico

Fly with Norwegian to Puerto Rico

Since last year, Norwegian airlines started with flights straight to Puerto Rico and Mini and I had to try this out (every reason for travel).
We flew from Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) CPH straight to San Juan (Luiz Muñoz Marin international Airport) LMM, a flight that took 10 hours.
Since Norwegian is a “low price” airline, we did knot know what to expect and thought we might need to pay for everything – including be able to watch movies but we were wrong. Sure you have to pay for the food (which we preordered) but the movies and entertainment system was included in the price.

It felt like a newer flight with USB- port and charger so we could charge both phones and computers. Sure this is becoming more and more standard on longer flights but it was still a surprise for us.
So what about the food? In all honesty it was not the best I had and I usually love airplane food. I was a bit disappointed because it was not enough food and it did not taste that much. In saying that you can always choose to not buy food on the flight and bring the food of your own choice.

Fly with Norwegian to Puerto Rico

The most exciting part were the windows of the flight… We were flying during the day and there was a button at each window so that you could “dim the lights”. That was super cool and kind of magic. Yes I am easily impressed 🙂

Fly with Norwegian to Puerto Rico

To resume – we are very happy with the Norwegian flight to Puerto Rico and would definitely fly long-distance with them again. And what a great idea that you can fly straight to the Caribbean without having any layovers on the way!



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