Fossil search – Odd thing in southern Sweden

Fossil search in south Sweden, To do in SwedenFossil search. Search for dinosaurs. Well, it’s not necessarily dinosaurs you are searching for, more fossils from dragons that roamed the earth 80 million years ago. However, this is a super unique attraction that shall not be missed. A lot of it has to do with the wonderful owner of the place. Filip is incredible and his knowledge is impressive!

Dinosaur fossil search

For some reason, “Havsdrakarnas Hus” and “Åsens Fältstation” are commonly known as places with dinosaurs. During my freelance work at “Kristianstadsbladet”, I have had the privilege of getting to know Filip Lindgren. My first time, I was surprised to hear that there is such a thing – a place where you can search for fossils. It was said to be a dinosaur hunt. When I came out to the digging spot, I found out that it’s not dinosaurs but mighty sea dragons that we would be searching for.

For some reason, people seem to mix up dinosaurs with dragons and no one seems to mind. Well, neither did I, it’s just as fun to search for dragons if you ask me! Dinosaurs or dragons or sharks or squid or tortoises, – it’s all fun and well when you have Filip to guide you!
Dinosaur fossil search

A quick visit to the field station

It was a couple of years ago and I was eager to learn more about this place. Unfortunately, when you work at a local newspaper, there isn’t enough time for you to enjoy the visit and take part in the activity. I told Filip that I would be back with my sister and her family and that we would dig for fossils. Then the year past and turned into next year.

I was back in the newspaper and yet again, I was out on the fossil search for an article. Filip and I talked and once again, I said that this was something that I wanted to do with family and friends. And then that year passed. This year I decided not to wait anymore – it was time to try the fossil search first hand and finally get my own hands dirty. We arrange a date with Filip and went for some hunting!

Briefing about Havsdrakarnas Hus and the field station

A tour takes about three hours and it starts in Bromölla. By the train station, there is a sign that says “Havsdrakarnas Hus”. When you enter, you are greeted by a roaring sound. No need to worry, that’s just one of the dragons welcoming you (we hope). Filip is there and he gives you all the information that you need to know before your visit.

You will also get a lot of fun information about paleontology. Because let’s face it – paleontology can be as boring as watching paint dry for people that are not interested in old things. However, when Filip (that calls himself an amateur paleontologist) talks it’s 100 percent fun and interesting.
Briefing about Havsdrakarnas Hus and the field station

Filip has a shark named after him – Synechodus Filipi

Filip has a shark named after him - Synechodus Filipi

The field station – a 15-minute drive from Havsdrakarnas Hus

After getting some interesting information we get to the field station. I know what to expect and I know that there’s no need to be disappointed when I see the sand pile. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, just a big pile of sand. I can see that my sister is quietly wondering where we have brought her. My nephew has a hard time hiding his disappointment. He lets Filip know that I made him come for the fossil search.

The big pile of sand turns out to be about 80 million years old. Yes, 80 million years old! Filip lets us know where we are standing right now used to be where the Mediterranean is today. It’s hard, if not impossible to grasp. We get the information that there is 100 percent fossil finds guarantee. The sand is very rich in fossils and Filip promises that the sand is not prepared with anything. Nothing has been added – this is the real deal!
The field station - a 15-minute drive from Havsdrakarnas HusThe field station - a 15-minute drive from Havsdrakarnas Hus

Getting ready for the fossil search

Every one of us is equipped with the following things…

  • A bucket for the sand.
  • Strainer to shift the sand.
  • Garbage can (to put the scraps)
  • A box to put the fossils in.
  • A tray with water.
  • Shuffle to get the sand.

It’s super easy, everyone can do it. Just get some sand in your bucket, take it to the table. Put some sand in the strainer and dip it in the water. Then it’s time to shift the sand and taking all the clay out. There are many things left in the strainer. Pick out your treasures and put them in the box. When you think that you have gotten all the good stuff, place the rest of the scraps in the garbage can. Filip will walk around and you can be sure that he will find some really great stuff among the things you threw out!
Getting ready for the fossil searchThe most common finds are skeletons from squid, shells of turtles, and the most impressive one - the shark teeth.

Shark teeth are what everyone is looking for

The most common finds are skeletons from squid, shells of turtles, and the most impressive one – the shark teeth. It seems like everyone is going for the teeth. Before the fossil search has started, the competition is on. Who will find the first tooth? It turns out that my mom is the winner. Within the first couple of minutes, she has found a shark tooth. Everyone stops their own search and gather round to see the tooth.

The second place goes to my nephew Oscar. My sister that hates getting dirty is suddenly on top of the sandpile, shuffling new sand into her bucket. Everyone is searching. Skeletons of squid are the most common find this day. My mom ends up finding a rare sea tulip and Oscars friends find poop that is 80 million years old. Usually, you wouldn’t want to touch poop but when it’s 80 million years old – no worries touching it.

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A Shark tooth that was found during the fossil search
Fossil search - Odd thing in southern Sweden

Filip gives information about the fossil finds

Since Filip and I have known each other for quite some time now, I feel that I can be honest with him. I have already told him that he can say whatever he wants about the finds because no one will know if he’s telling the truth or if he is making words up as he sees them. Is what he’s saying the truth? A word like “Plesusaurie” is thrown around.

All jokes aside. I do believe that Filip has 100 percent knowledge. He is not just throwing out fancy words. No, he knows his dragons and sea creatures. I keep making fun of him, giving him funny looks (like I don’t believe what he’s saying). But I can confess here – Filip, I know that your knowledge is real and that you are telling the truth!
Filip gives information about the fossil finds
Filip gives information about the fossil finds

Our experience of the Fossil search

My family is shifting through the sand. Everyone is happy, chatting, and asking about their finds. Mini is walking around, taking pictures. Well, he’s photographing for a while. Suddenly he puts the camera down and he is off, getting some gear and shifting through the sand. He wants to find a shark tooth too. I can’t help but laugh. Everyone is having such a good time!

Like I mentioned before I have been at the field station for the fossil search several times. However, this is my first time where I’m really able to enjoy it. Time flies when you have a great time and suddenly it’s time to pack up and go back home. Everyone is allowed to bring their finds with them home! How awesome is that?!
Our experience of the Fossil search

Information about the Fossil Search

Address: Resvägen 1, 295 34 Bromölla.
Price: 395 kronor per adult (about 40 euros) or 1000 kronor (96 euros) for a family of four.
Opening hours: Havsdrakarnas Hus is opened daily between 07.30 and 17.00. On weekends it’s open between 10.00 – 15.00. For the fossil search, you need to make arrangements with Filip Lindgren.
Time: It takes about 3 hours.
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