From Copenhagen To Phuket, Thailand – Day 1


Thai Airways knows how to do things right simply because they have a nonstop flight from Copenhagen to Phuket. 9,5 hours and you are there = doing things right!

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Phuket Thailand

Upon arrival we needed to get transportation to Kata Beach, Phuket (about 1 hour drive from the airport). A taxi wanted 1600 bath but we took the express bus instead and payed 400 bath instead.

phuketairportexpress, Phuket Thailand
Our travel blog - From Copenhagen To Phuket, Thailand - Day 1

Travel Tip:

Make sure to check your opportunities for getting transfer to your hotel/hostel. Do not just take the first best thing but make sure how to save some money. We took the second cheapest way to our hotel. If we would have taken a regular bus it would have been cheaper. The reason we did not wait for the regular bus was because their schedule was not reliable at all. Some people that were waiting for the bus had done that for several hours already. We felt that 400 bath was a fair price to pay and we took the express bus to the hotel. Time is money so make sure to make the best out of your time and pick the best way for you when it comes to transfer.Our travel blog - From Copenhagen To Phuket, Thailand - Day 1


Arriving in the late afternoon left us with limited time to explore the surroundings but we still got to take a walk and enjoy life. Before we took our walk we checked in to our hotel The Color Kata. After checking in and checking out the hotel we went for a walk around Kata, Phuket.

The Color Kata where we stayed.

The Color Kata where we stayed.

Dinner was spent at the Mali Chick restaurant which was ok and then we strolled down to the beach.
It was already getting pretty dark so we only made the beach stop a quick one!
Tired from all the travels we went to bed pretty early.




First day in Phuket Thailand was a good day!


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