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No. Unfortunately we are not the healthiest people when it comes to food. Don’t get me wrong – I love healthy food to, the problem is that it often costs a fortune. But not in Thailand. Here you can afford to splurge and eat as much fruit as you want.

If you ask me, splurging on exotic fruits is an attraction by itself while in Thailand. It is cheap and it tastes a lot better then the fruits that we get imported to Europe. For example: If we buy a pineapple in Sweden it is not nearly as sweet and juicy as it is in the country where it was grown. So while in Thailand, make sure to splurge and eat a lot of fruits. They are cheap and if you are a bit lazy – pay a bit more and buy them along the touristy areas where they are sliced and diced and ready to eat.

Here are some fruits that you can buy in Thailand. And also what we personally think of them. But try them out yourself and get your own opinion.


Called the King of Fruits in Thailand. You either love it or you can’t stand it. It smells terrible and that is to put it mildly. It smells so bad that it is prohibited to open a Durian in most hotels and in the subway. The taste is kind of soft onions. As a person that loves onions I liked it but Mini hated it. He was trying to be polite but I could see that he wanted to spit it out. Western people are not huge fans but at the same time, while in Thailand you have to try it!



Sweet and tangy tasting. Mangosteen is also often called the “queen of fruits”. The fruit has some cooling properties and is really good.


The largest tree borne fruit in the world. It tastes almost like a pineapple but milder and less juicy. This one was not a favorite of ours.



Minis favorite of all times! Who does not love this fruit! Thailand has some great pineapples but in all honesty – not as sweet and juicy as they are in Sri Lanka.


According to me this fruit is quite tasteless but I love the color! This must be one of the most good looking fruits!



The fruit is sweet with a mildly acidic flavor. I love the taste. Mini… not so much.



This is one of my absolute favorite fruit. It is like you take all the citrus fruits and put them together into one magical fruit. In Thailand I could not stop eating them but I also buy them in other countries. Mini likes them to but not as much as I do.

Rose Apple

Also called mountain Apple (champoo) is very common in Thailand. It tastes like an apple but a bit sweeter. They can be red or green and are often used in salads. For me, this was not a favorite because I love my apples sour. Mini liked it a lot, he has a sweet tooth.

Not a rose fruit but other goodies from Thailand :)

Not a rose fruit but other goodies from Thailand 🙂


I love the sweet taste of this fruit but I can’t get over the fact that it feels like I am holding an eyeball. It is very sweet and juicy and it kind of squirts when you bite into it – just like I imagine an eyeball would do. Mini likes them to but he prefers getting them peeled so he can eat them right away.

Star fruit

Looks like a real star but does not taste good according to us. We prefer them to be served just as decorations on our plates.



It works everywhere anytime. In Thailand they use it in most cooking but make sure to also buy a coconut and either drink the juice (that we are not fans of) or eat the meat (which we both love).

Custard Apple, Sugar Apple or Soursop

Sweet and good but very many seeds that you have to spit out. Ok but not the best tasting fruit.



It tastes almost like a ripe apple. Often used in juices but we prefer to eat the fruit as is.


Used in Thailand for mango sticky rice, in juices and as is. We both love mango and often buy it while in other countries.


Different sizes but all good. Who does not like a banana? They are also really good in pancakes with Nutella and fried with ice cream.



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