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Last updated Aug 3, 2021
Fulufjället National park - Sweden

Fulufjället National Park – In fact, it’s two national parks in one, combining two countries and creating a unique hiking spot. Welcome to Fulufjället in Sweden. Come and see Sweden’s highest waterfall and the oldest tree in the world! During the summer you can drink fresh water right out of the spring. This is a place where you can spend several days without getting bored.

Fulufjället National Park – A unique mountain

Imagine a place where nature is more than present. Imagine a place where there are pink rocks and trees that looked like a fairy has dusted them in sparkles. And finally, imagine that there is a place in Sweden where this is all happening – in Fulufjällets national park. This might be one of the most famous national parks in the country and the reason is that you can visit the highest waterfall in Sweden here.

Fulufjället National Park - A unique mountain
Fulufjället national park in Dalarna - Sweden

And another thing that is also super impressive is Old Tjikko. Old Tjikko is said to be the oldest tree in the world. Make sure to take your time during your visit to this park. And don’t forget to bring insect repellant if you come here in the summer. There are lots of mosquitos that will try their best to ruin your visit so make sure that you don’t let them!

Start your visit at Naturum

A great place to start your visit is to first step into Naturum. Here, you can get all the information you might need to have the best experience. Look at exhibitions about Fulufjället, join in on several different activities, and watch movies. If you want, you can also watch insects and guess what poop comes from what animal. And you also have a chance to feel the horn from a moose.

During the summer and winter, they also offer guided tours. Naturum is located right by the entrance of the national park and there is also a restaurant and a cafe where you can buy something to eat or drink. Like all such places, there’s also a gift shop where you can stock up on souvenirs. If you are eager to get straight out in the trails, at least stop by to pick up some maps of the park – they are free of charge!

Naturum at fulufjället

Walk along footbridges in the national park

From Naturum, there’s a 600-meter long footbridge that makes the route accessible by wheelchair and where you can push a stroller. And along the way, there are lots of benches and resting areas where you can have a picnic or just relax. Another great experience while being here is to try some fresh water straight out of the spring. It’s cold and super refreshing! A tip is to bring a bottle and fill it up for the rest of your hike.

Walk along footbridges in the national parkWalk along footbridges in the national park
Walk along footbridges in the national park

Fulufjällets national park is opened all year round and it’s free of charge to come and visit. Between June and September, you can hike freely but when the snow comes, you will need snowshoes since the mountain gets covered in snow.

Hiking Fulufjället National Park

Hiking trail markings

Even if the waterfall is the main highlight for most visitors that come to Fulufjället National Park, there are lots of other hikes and trails to explore here. With several benches and places where you can rest and have a picnic, you can hike around here for days. It is said that this is a good place to be if you want to get away from people. The hikes are marked out so no need to worry that you will get lost.

Hike Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället is a plateau of sandstone that houses all kinds of animals. But the most impressive thing is nature itself with all the different bushes trees and moss. In total, there are more than 140 kilometers of hiking trails inside the national park so you are bound to find your personal favorite spot.

Njupeskär – Swedens highest waterfall

The information about how high this waterfall depends on where you look. In some places, it’s said to be 125 meters high, and in other places 90 meters. We have decided to believe the information that is in the pamphlet of the park that we got in Naturum. There, it’s said that the waterfall is 93 meters with 70 meters of free fall. Either way, this waterfall is the highest in Sweden.

Njupeskär waterfall, Highest waterfall in Sweden
Njupeskär Waterfall - Dalarna - Sweden
Worlds oldest tree and highest waterfall in Sweden

The hike to the waterfall (Njupeskärsslingan) is 3,9 kilometers long. It’s a fairly easy hike and you have the choice to see the waterfall from above too if you want. But keep in mind that the hike, Fallet runt, is more difficult than the one that takes you straight to the waterfall. It’s impressive to see the power of water and the closer you get the more splashes of water will kiss your face. The hike to the waterfall is one of the most popular hikes in Fulufjället.

Old Tjikko – The world oldest tree

No one can say for sure that this small tree is the world’s oldest tree. However, this tree has the oldest root system that we know about. Old Tjikko is more than 9 550 years old. There are different ways to get to this tree and I believe that we went rouge and hiked far longer than we needed to get to it. After hiking for quite some time, following signs, and checking our phone’s GPS we finally got to Old Tjikko.

worlds oldes tree old Tjikko Dalarna Sweden
Old tjikko worlds oldest tree

It’s a small tree. A fir-tree damaged by the open plains and with branches missing due to strong winds. At first, it’s easy to laugh at this tree that looks more like a small branch. But when the knowledge of the age of this tree hits you, it’s still worth getting here and seeing this tree live! You are not allowed to touch the tree and there’s no need to do that. So while being here, take pictures of Old Tjikko and then leave for future generations to visit.

Other hikes at Fulufjället National Park

Make sure to get a map of the place before you start your adventure in the park. And also, make sure to check the weather forecast before you are on your way!

  • Lavskrikleden – A wheelchair-accessible trail that is about two kilometers long. Packed gravel and wooden footbridges make up for this nice and short hike.
  • Jaktfalksleden – 5,5 kilometers long adventure for the more advanced hiker. This trail passes by the waterfall and then continues higher up the mountain.
  • Around Rösjön – This hike also passes through the waterfall and it is 9 kilometers long. It contains some steep climbs after you have passed the waterfall.
  • Bergåsdalsleden – 24 kilometers hike. Add on another 3 kilometers if you want to include Njupeskär waterfall in your hike.
  • Southern Kungsleden – Starts in Sälen and passes through the whole park. Continues to the border of Jämtland as you hike along the trail.
  • Göljåleden – 17 kilometers of trails for the more advanced hiker. Here you can see a lot of trees that have fallen due to heavy storms.
  • Tangsjöleden – 22,5 kilometers of hiking trails. It’s a long hike but a very nice one for anyone that is up for it! Make sure to bring a bottle with you so that you can fill it up with fresh water.
  • Rösjöleden – This 15-kilometer long trail passes by the waterfall and continues up the mountain.
  • Poststigen – This route was used for postal service between Särna and Gördalen up until the 1920s and today it’s a 12-kilometer hike in the national park.

When you are done with all of these trails then it’s time to head out to Grövelsjön and do the trails there and don’t miss out to visit renbiten for amazing encounters with raindeers.

Rules for visiting Fulufjället National Park

  1. You are allowed to pick berries, mushrooms, and plants for personal use.
  2. Clean up after yourself and take your litter home to the trash.
  3. Dogs must always be on a leash.
  4. You are allowed to light a fire in the designated places with firewood.
  5. Cycling is not allowed inside the park.
Fulufjället Nature
Njupeskär - Fulufjället National park

Information about Fulufjället National Park (Sweden)

Area: 385 square kilometers.
Established: 2002
Nearest Towns: Idre, Särna, Sörsjön and Sälen.

Information about Fulufjellet National Park (Norway)

Area: 82,5 square kilometers.
Established: 2012
Nearest Towns: Ljordalen and Trysil.


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