Get your phone packed – the right Apps for your phone

Jun 30, 2016

Get your phone packed

The bags are packed. You are ready to go on your vacation. Maybe you made a “to pack” list or used an app on your phone while packing to help you remember everything you need to bring. The phones is charged, the charger packed and ready – but wait? Did you pack your phone? Do you have the apps that you might need while traveling to get the most out of your vacation?
Here are some apps that you might find helpful during your holiday and best of all – They are all free!

Google Maps

Even if you won’t be driving a car, google maps can show if the cab driver is taking you straight to your hotel or driving around – showing you parts of town you do not wish to see. Use it while walking or to plan your route while on holiday.
Available on android and iPhone.

XE Currency

The cab driver took you straight to your hotel and got paid. Now since you just arrived you are not sure if the amount you paid was fare or not. XE Currency will let you know. This app gives you up to date rates in all the currencies in the world and it is very accurate. You can also download the latest rates and use it while offline. You do not have to be confused anymore.
Available on android and iPhone.


If your vacation brought you to the sunny parts of the world you need your sunscreen. Unfortunately, the app can not help to smear your back. It can help to remind you when it is time to put some more lotion on. The app detects the UV rating of your location. Just put your skin type in and the SPF of your sun lotion. You are good to go.
Available on iPhone (for android download the next to identical Sunscreen Reminder Pro)

Google translate

You got your sun (or skipped the beach) and now you want to order a meal in the local language. With 90 languages you are likely to get help from this app and some of the languages even offer speak-translate. Even if it does not translate one hundred percent accurate in all languages you will most certainly feel a little more like “a local” while using this app.
Available on android and iPhone.

Talking like a local but acting like a tourist. It is time to explore what the area you are staying in has to offer and show for itself. There are loads of tourist guides you can download but most of them need the internet to be able to read them. And with the app you can download the cities prior and once on location, use them offline. This app is quickly getting bigger with more and more cities added and best of all  – you can add favorite spots or just trust the experts and follow in their footsteps while finding the secret gems the city has to offer. Follow the app or find the place using Google Maps.
Available on android and iPhone.

Get your phone packed

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  1. Maya

    Sötaste resenären ju 😀 Så kul att du ville följa med på bloggmiddagen 😀 Blir en kanon kväll tror jag 😀
    Hoppas vi ses snart… min semester börjar på fredag …med Bröllop 😀
    Stor kram <3 Hälsa

  2. Erica

    Bra tips! 🙂


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