Getting into radio as well

Aug 22, 2016

Getting into radio to

There is a lot going on right now. But did you know that I am currently working on a radio documentary?

Radio about people

I love travel and I love writing about travel, that is my true passion. But sometimes I feel that I want to “make a change”. I was taught during my three years at the university of the importance of informing people. As a journalist it is your call, your duty to inform people about what is going on. I always knew that I did not want to work at a newspaper. I wanted to write about travel. But things change and I also want to do radio. Radio about real people and about things that can make a change. Even if one person is helped from it – mission accomplished!

Linnea, my partner in crime and “bestie” is already renowned in that world. She is making podcast for Radioplay (Swedish radio). Together with Amanda they have the famous Swedish “Mordpodden“. It was number one on Itunes for a long time and I could not be prouder! (If you understand Swedish and have not yet listened to it – Do it!

While Linnea was here on a visit I asked her if she would like to join me in doing a documentary about Genia Johanesson – a 96 years old woman that survived the holocaust. There are not many of them left and I really wanted to document Genias memories. If I write about them I will come between the reader and Genia. Through radio – you can hear her own story – told by her! It is a lot of hard work but hopefully the result will be great! Linnea is working hard on her podcast right now but as soon as she has some time of we are getting to work… for real!

The documentary will be in Swedish at first but hopefully we can do an english version to as a podcast. The holocaust is to terrible to forget. We will make her life live on forever and try to make sure that nothing like that happens again.

Getting into radio to

Genia Johanesson survived the holocaust.

When she got to the camp she was no longer Genia. She was a number.

When she got to the camp she was no longer Genia. She was a number.


  1. Frida

    Åh vad roligt att du får jobba med radio. Spännade att du ska göra med ett sådant tema och att du faktiskt ska ha med en kvinna som överlevde! Ska jag helt klart lyssna på!

  2. Sara



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