Getting to Lubeck by train from Sweden

Train station in LubeckGetting to Lubeck by train from Sweden. Yes, that’s exactly what we did when we started our latest adventure. We were invited to check out Lubeck, Germany for a couple of days and we fell in love with this sweet town. In the four days that we were there, we got to see A LOT! And we didn’t take a plane there – no, we took the train!

Getting to Lubeck by train from Sweden

Ok, honesty is a really important thing that we always strive for while sharing about our travels. We got invited to go to Lubeck, and we left within a couple of days. We met Gustav (Germany pr representative in Sweden) during a travel event in Malmö, Sweden. He helped us with our Hamburg trip and now he asked if we could go to Lubeck. Sure thing!

It quickly turned out that there were no flights that fitted with our travel plans.  So then Gustav asked if we could do some sustainable travel and go there by train – sure thing!
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6-hour ride to Lubeck

Usually, you take the train from Malmö straight to Lubeck with only one change in Copenhagen. Now, they are making some remodeling of the tracks so that meant that we had to take the ride by bus. This was a super easy ride and it went smooth and nice all the way from Malmö to Lubeck. The train went from Malmö early in the morning and 6 hours later – we checked into our hotel.

We got off the train in Copenhagen, Denmark. From there we took the bus to Roedby (about two hours ride). The bus was comfortable and Mini spent the whole time sleeping. After we got to Roedby, it was a one minute walk to the train station. And then we ended up waiting for about 15 minutes for the train.
On the bus to Germany

Train on a ferry

My first thought was the movie title “Snakes on a Plane” but here it’s “Train on a Ferry”. Because that’s literary what happened. The train picks the passengers up and then it drives straight on the ferry that will take you to Germany. Once on the ferry, you have to leave the train but you can leave all your luggage there since they lock it during the ride. The ferry ride takes 40 minutes and you can grab a cup of coffee or get something to eat.

When the ferry enters Travemunde, you get back on the train and then you just get off in Lubeck. Or if you want you can continue to Hamburg. The train ride for the two of us cost about 280 euros, something that I believe is quite expensive. If you book at the right time I think that you can get there cheaper by flying. But the train was really nice. I had great plans of getting some work done on the train but I ended up enjoying the ride instead. And one great thing… our hotel, “The niu Rig hotel” is located right by the station.

Check out our complete guide on Lubeck here!

Getting to Lubeck by train from Sweden

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