Gibraltar rock Wildlife signs!

Wildlife sign at Gibraltar rock

Here we have them … the signs on Gibraltar rock!

Gibraltar Rock with the signs

At the journey to the top of the gibraltar Rock we found a lot of different sigs.   Stroll the quiet path to St Michael’s Cave and you will see all of the nature that the rock has too offer. But one of the sights itself are these signs. The signs that can be found around the rock.

Butterfly SLOW sign at Gibraltar rock

The signs along the road are there to protect the wildlife. I don’t think they are that easy to find anywhere else in the world?!

This walk took us through a lot of firsts… 🙂
First time seeing a SLOW sign of praying mantis.

praying mantis sign at Gibraltar rock

And you also need to slow down because there might be rabbits jumping out on the road.

sign on Gibraltar rock

We found that there is a lot of wildlife up on the rock. There is a big colony of monkeys up there. I think that the monkeys are what made the Gibraltar rock famous in the first place.

sign at Gibraltar rock

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  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Haha, det är väl bara att köra “slow” hela tiden helt enkelt 😉


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