Going deep @ Karon Beach in Thailand

Diver Karon BeachTo dive in Karon there is so much more to see than expected. But still man is putting a fotprint in form of pollution everywhere in the ocean. What is better than doing a beach dive? No boats = no pollution!

Beach Dive from karon Beach

Wether you are a advanced diver or a newbie – a beach dive is always great! We had set our sight on diving the Similan Island while in Thailand. Since we haven’t been diving for about a year – we felt like we wanted to fresh up our skills before heading the “real” deal. To do that we decided to take a beach dive from Karon Beach. Our expectations were not high to be honest.
Karon house reef ThailandSo on the day, we got picked up by Phuket Scuba Club and because there wasn’t any room for me inside the car, I got to sit on the tubes in the back of the van. Well safety is not the most important for the Thai people :).
Karon beach diver

Karon House Reef

It is a shallow dive and maximum depth is just under seven meters. Because of the dive site shallow depth we had a dive that lasted over on hour.  65 minutes to be exact. So if you are an expert diver, you might find this dive a bit boring. At the same time there is much to see and we felt safe during the whole dive. The visibility was about eight to nine meters so not the best. But in all honesty… still good enough.
Fish from Karon Beach Thailand
Diver Thailand KaronWe saw morays, pufferfish, yellow boxfish and lots more. There are lots of fishes but the corals are not that nice looking. Needless to say it’s important to choose a good and safe dive center. We got Giovanni as our dive master and we were happy with him. There are several different dive centers that will take you diving at the beach in Karon. You can pick and choose but just make sure that you feel safe.
Fish from Karon Beach Thailand


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