Grovelsjon – Your next hiking adventure in Sweden

Last updated Apr 14, 2021

Grovelsjon - Your next hiking adventure in SwedenGrovelsjon or Grövelsjön as it’s spelled in Swedish is located in the most northern parts of Dalarna. Here, you come for hiking and getting close to nature. This place is the most northern part of Dalarna mountains and it’s really spectacular. We got to spend a couple of days here and it was amazing with walks and hikes! Read all about our experience in this article.

Grovelsjon – Sjostugan is where the journey begins

Sjöstugan has something for everyone. They offer cabins, rooms, and of course camping for both motorhomes and caravans. The spots for the motorhomes are nice and flat and the view is incredible. The name of the town is the same as the lake (Grövelsjön) and the camper area is right by the lake. It is said that the raindeers often visit the city center and that there can be many of them. We got to meet the raindeers but that was during other circumstances.

The camping is equipped with everything you might need and you also have a kitchen that you are free to use during your stay. Since this is such a popular place, the owner is working on expanding. However, it’s important to him that he keeps nature as is so the work here takes a lot of time and effort. And he is keener on preserving nature than to grow his business in a fast pace.

Did you know that Carl von Linné (the famous botanist) was one of the first tourist that came to Grövelsjön.

Grövelsjön - Carl von lines route, SwedenGrovelsjon - Camping, Sweden

What to do at Grovelsjon

You can reach Grovelsjon either by car, bus, or train. Once you are here there are several different things to do during summer. You can walk, hike, canoe, rent a boat, go fishing, pick berries, and meet raindeers. If you are interested in golf, there’s a nice golf course close by. If you arrive during winter, skiing is the big thing. Since we visited during the summer, we did some hikes and we liked all of them.

We came in June and we were so lucky with the weather. It was a special feeling of walking in shorts and a t-shirt amongst the snow. Even if it was super warm, the snow hadn’t yet melted. We ended up doing two proper hikes and then we did two more that were short and that just took us to a waterfall. There are a lot of hikes to do here but we ended up doing one of the most popular once. It took us all the way to Norway and for me, it was the first time being in Norway!
Hiking Grövelsjön with snowCanoe in GrövelsjönAmazing view over Grövelsjön-Dalarna-Sweden

The different hikes at Grovelsjon

There are at least 23 (yes, 23) different hikes and walks that you can do on your own at Grovelsjon. Some of them are “all day” hikes while others are short. We ended up doing several hikes and we enjoyed each and every one of them. There are also hikes where you can get a tour guide that walks with you. The hikes also have an important story about the history of Carl von Linné or other cultural attractions.

Whether you choose a short hike or one that takes the whole day – we are sure that you will love it just as much as we did. And while staying at the Sjöstuga, make sure to also rent a canoe and take a trip around the lake. Our trip with a canoe was short but oh so sweet. The water was freezing cold so we didn’t go for a swim. Since the water is filled with melted snow, it’s always cold! Before you start exploring the area, we recommend you to buy a small guide book in the shop with all the hikes better explained. Here’s a short description of the tours and longer descriptions on the once we did!
The different hikes at Grovelsjon

Short hikes by Grovelsjon

Here is a list of six different short hikes that you can do. They range from 0,5 kilometers to 1,25 kilometers. Some of them are only paths to a nice beach or to a nice place. I believe that we did several of them without even knowing that they were a specific hike. The lengths of the hikes are from start to finish or round trip so there’s no more added to the hike.

The beaches by Grovelsjon – 0,5 kilometers

There are two different beaches that are located here. One of them is the one located by the campsite. It’s the one where the water is pretty cold since the melted ice runs out in the water here. The other beach is more secluded and you might get your feet wet while walking there because the ground is filled with water (after it has been raining). The beach is a really nice place to relax after a day of hiking.

Like I mentioned before, we ended up kayaking around the lake for a while. Yes, the water was really cold but it was clean and nice. The beach is pretty small but cozy and good for families.

Fjellgutusjoen – 0,5 kilometers

A really nice beach with sand and a lake where you can spend the day. The view is over the Norwegian mountains. To get there you drive to Elgå (next to Storsätra Fjällhotel). Drive on the graveled road to Femundensen and follow the road for about two kilometers. There’s a turn to the left and a place where you can park your car. Then just walk about 500 meters to the beach.

The waterfalls in Storsatern – 1 kilometer

In Storsätern there are two nice waterfalls. The best way to find them both is to park your car by the store called “Fjällbua”. To reach the bigger waterfall, walk from the store south until you see a cemetery. Walk to the bridge but don’t cross it. Follow it upstream and there you’ll find the bigger waterfall. To reach the smaller of the two, walk back to the street and walk further south.

There’s also a parking lot where you can leave your car if you don’t want to walk from the store. Be prepared that these are small waterfalls. If you have seen some large once, you might get disappointed.
The waterfalls in Storsatern, Dalarna - SwedenThe waterfalls in Storsatern, Dalarna - Sweden

To the bridge over Grovlan – 1 kilometer

Since a lot of the tours start by the parking lot at Sjöstugan there’s a short hike to the bridge. If you are staying at Sjöstugan, you are really close to the bridge. You can see it as the bridge to the start of the hikes. A lot of them pass this bridge. It’s a nice place and there are some people that had tents put out by the bridge. Picturesque is the best word to explain this place and the hike.
The bridge over Grovlan, Dalarna - SwedenCamping in Grovelsjon, Dalarna - Sweden

Linnes Kalla – 1 kilometer

Linnés Källa is a short hike that starts at the “Fjällstation” and then you should follow the hike Trollstigen. When you come to the troll called “The witch Agata”. Yes, there´s a troll that will guide you to the spring. Because “Källa” translates into spring (the water and not the season). The water here bubbles up through the sand. How much it bubbles depends on the weather. If there has been raining – there are more bubbles coming up.

It is said that Carl von Linné described this place as having really good drinking water. This due to its coldness, clarity, and, taste.
Grövelsjön - Carl von lines route, Sweden

Trollstigen – 1,25 kilometers

This is a short and, kid-friendly hike that starts at the “Fjällstation”.  What makes this walk special are all the trolls that are placed around the walk. There’s one by the entrance that hold’s a sign that shows the start of the path. Make sure to look for the trolls because not all of them are easy to spot. The path splits into different directions but Trollstigen is well marked so no worries about getting lost.

Half-day hikes by Grovelsjon

There are at least nine half-day hikes and walks around Grovelsjon. By half-day tours, it doesn’t mean that they take half a day to walk. They range between four and seven kilometers and you can easily do more than one of them during a day. Make sure to wear hiking boots and bring water so you can drink along the way.

Digerbacken – 4 kilometers

This is a historical walk to Digerbäcken and back. During the hike, you will see the remains of Ol-Andersas houses. He was a man that worked with keeping an eye on the raindeers, making sure that they stayed on the right side. This means that the Norwegian raindeers needed to stay in Norway and the Swedish in Sweden.

Ol-Andersa was the last one of the old Sami people and he died in 1959. Along the route, you will also see several different enclosures. They are placed there by the government and are an experiment so that they can see how much vegetation is disturbed by grazing animals and people walking the area.

Linnestigen – 4 kilometers

This hike takes you through the same path as Carl von Linné. He walked here in the 1700s. The hike stretches along the Norwegian border. There’s a fence that makes you think that it’s the border to Norway. However, we heard that the border is several hundred meters further. The fence is to close off for the raindeers and not to mark the border.

Carl von Linné has made his mark in Grövelsjön and all over Sweden. He named a lot of the flowers and made a huge impact on the flora and fauna.
Flowers at Grovelsjon

The fence is not the Norwegian border

The fence is not the Norwegian border

Blaklappen – 4 kilometers

Blåkläppen is a nice walk that takes you to remnants from the ice age. This is seen in between the hills and shows how melted water cut through the stone. This is a hike where you either walk the same way back as you came from or that you find another way back. Parts of the path have stones and rocks so it might be a bit tricky to hike but if you take it slowly, you’ll be just fine!

Litl-Elgsjotjonna – 4 kilometers

This hike starts at Djupsjoen and there’s parking at the start of the hike. This walk is quite strenuous because you are walking upwards. Once you reach the top, you will get your reward. There’s a nice bathing spot and if you follow the stream a bit, you will find a waterfall. If you want, you can take a walk around the area before you walk back the same way as you came from.
Finding a great bathing place in Grovelsjon

Gamla Lapplagret – 5 kilometers

This hike is fun for children too because there are questions placed around the route. To get the questionnaire, go to the reception at Fjällstugan and ask them to provide you with one. The hike takes you to restored Sami houses called “Kåtor”. At the site, there are also some other buildings that teach you more about the history and culture of the Sami people.

If you continue the walk to the top of the hill, you will get an incredible view of the Grovelsjon. Make sure to bring water bottles. This, so that you can fill them with fresh spring water from the stream that passes through the area of the Sami houses.

Gutulisetra – 5 kilometers

Drive to Gutulia and park the car there. From the parking, you’ll follow the signs “Gutulisetra” along the lake. The hike is 2,5 kilometers and then you walk the same way back. Along the route, there are signs with information about the national park. Right before you reach a bridge, there’s a nice beach and fire pit. During summertime, there’s also a café that serves coffee and waffles that you can buy.

There are also several other hiking paths here that you can walk if you feel like exploring the national park some more. There’s also a small place here that has a bed inside. If you are allowed to spend the night? Not sure to be honest.

Silverfallet – 6 kilometers

When we arrived at Grovelsjon it was still early and we wanted to explore the area straight away. We were recommended to hike Silverfallet and so we did. It is a really nice hike that takes you to a small waterfall. The hike is stony and at times it’s quite strenuous due to the rocks you walk on. The waterfall is about three meters tall but there’s snow covering parts of it most of the year. This was our first experience of walking in shorts and a t-shirt among the snow and it was great!

There’s a special feeling, sticking your hands into cold and clean snow while it’s about +25 degrees celsius in the air. The route has a round route so the environment changes during the walk. The coolest thing was for sure, the snow and ice that covered parts of the waterfall. Even if six kilometers isn’t that long, it took a couple of hours to hike the Silverfallet due to the rocky parts of the hike. Don’t get me wrong – all people that are healthy can make it and we recommend you add this to your list while visiting Grovelsjon.
Silverfallet in DalarnaSilverfallet-Grövelsjön-Dalarna-Sweden CollageGrovelsjon hiking Silverfallet, Sweden

Valdalsbygget – 6 kilometers

This is one of the hikes that will take you into Norway. Start by driving to Elgå and about 500 meters before the Norwegian border, there’s a parking where you can leave your car (or motorhome). This walk takes you to a historical site that is a farm. You can see some writing on the walls of the farm. Some of the writings are from Swedish border patrols that patrolled the borders during World War II.

You will also pass another farm that is called Gammeldalen. People used to live here before they were thrown out by the landowners. Valdalsbygget is a nice historical site that you will enjoy.

Dyllen – 7 kilometer

It is said that this hike is great to do if the weather is bad in the mountains. Make sure to have waterproofed shoes because the terrain is often wet. The trail starts by the cemetery in Storsätern. Most of the hike is in the forest and not in the mountains so this is a nice change of scenery. Dyllen is a mountain but it’s not high and, it will give you a great view. A good hike that works for the whole family.

Whole day hikes by Grovelsjon

Like I mentioned about the half-day hikes the hike doesn’t have to take all day. However, after doing one of these hikes, you are probably tired and don’t want to be walking anymore – at least not the same day. There are eight different hikes that show you Grovelsjon from the best side. We ended up doing the most popular one, called Sylen.
Hiking in Dalarna, Sweden

Sylen – 8 kilometers

The Sylen hike is the most popular to do around Grovelsjon. It starts in Norway and then you walk your way back into Sweden and to Sjöstugan. I had one thing on my bucket list – to see raindeers. We were told that we had great chances of seeing them during the hike so my eyes were opened at all times. There’s a boat that takes you to Ryvang Gård in Sylen. However, the owner of the camping will take you with his private boat if you want to leave at a specific time.

The boat ride takes about 25 minutes and it’s part of the adventure. Nature is absolutely stunning and we got to learn more about the area and what makes this hike so popular. In fact, it’s the nature and the fact that you walk all the way back to Sweden that’s fascinating. We don’t hike on a daily basis but every time we do, we love it. Like when we walked Hykjeberget a nature reserve with a surprise or Nasumaviksleden five star hiking trail in the south part of Sweden.
Hiking Sylen at Grovelsjon, SwedenGrovelsjon hiking Sylen, Sweden

The airplane from WWII

During the boat ride, we passed an airplane that was partially submerged in the water. It had to emergency land on the water after one of its engines failed. Today, there’s not much left of the plane – it’s merely a shell. However, we got an explanation of why that is. And by the way, the people that landed the plane survived so no deaths here.

The people living in the area took everything they could from the plane and used it in their daily life. For example, the tires ended up being the tires on a horse carriage. From the fabric of the parachutes, they sewed shirts. The shell of the plane was left in the water and it has stayed there since then.
The airplane from WWII at Grövelsjön, Sweden.

Hiking in Norway

The hike back to Sweden took us just about four hours to complete. It is said that in Norway, they don’t have their trails as well marked as we have in Sweden. However, we had no trouble finding our way back. In fact, we only struggled once. During a pretty steep climb up a hill, there was snow and ice on the path. We could not walk on the snow because we kept slipping. We walked back and forth, looking for a better way. In the end, we managed to cross, and off we went again.

We saw lots of tracks from raindeers and we were looking for them at all times. For some reason, the raindeers decided not to cross our path during the hike. We did see some when we were leaving Grovelsjon and then we got to really cuddle with the raindeers but more about that later.
Hiking in Norway

Our experience of hiking Sylen

We had an amazing couple of hours hiking our way back to Sweden. Mini snapped hundreds and hundreds of pictures and it was the same incredible feeling as hiking Silverfallet – where snow was laying on the ground and it was warm outside. We even ended up getting sunburned but that was our own fault. We didn’t once think about getting sunscreen and that ended up being the wrong way to go.

The hike was mostly easy (except for the climbing part in the snow) and we couldn’t tell when we were in Norway and when we were back in Sweden. In fact, we kept thinking we were in Sweden pretty quickly but then we noticed that we were still in Norway. We were pretty much alone on the trail, except for one runner that past us. During the whole time, we were still on Swedish signals on our cellphones so we were close to the border at all times. This was a really great hike and we recommend you all to do it when visiting Grovelsjon.
Hiking Sylen at Grovelsjon, SwedenGrovelsjon-Dalarna-SwedenSylen-Dalarna-Sweden Collage

Bathusberget – 10 kilometers

Båthusberget is a hike that takes you five kilometers one way and then you take the same route back. At times the terrain is hilly and rocky but it planes out pretty quick. From the top of the mountain, you have some amazing views, both over Sweden and over Norway. This hike also starts in Norway – just like Sylen does but this one has another starting point. Keep your eyes out for the old pine trees that are turned and bent.

Berseskallen – 10-12 kilometers

During this hike, you’ll pass both Stora and Lilla Olån. Translated it means the Big and small stream. An adventure is that you should cross the stream and there are no bridges. However, they are not wide so a big leap and you are ready to continue your hike. On top of Berseskallen, you have nice views, even if you aren’t that high up. There is also a nice shelter along the hike where you can stay.

If you want you can also continue the hike and walk to Knuthusen. Knuthusen is remnants of a building. It is said to be easy to miss so keep your eyes open at all times.

Sushogda – 12 kilometers

I believe that this might be the best place to see reindeers. This, because there’s a reindeer fence here. The trail passes a small birch forest and takes you to a nice viewing place up on a hill. During this hike, you will also see some waterfalls while walking between Lifjellet and Rundhogda. Make sure to wear the right shoes because parts of the path might get wet during summertime.

Salsfjellet – 13 kilometers

This is another path where you walk in the same path as Carl von Linné. On the south side of Salsfjellet you will have an amazing view of Grovelsjon. It might be a bit strenuous to reach the top due to the rocks but it is said to be well worth it. On the way back, you don’t need to follow a path – just walk down wherever you feel like it.
Amazing view over Grovelsjon, Dalarna - Sweden

Ulvsatern – 17 kilometers

This hike takes you to a nice swimming spot. But that’s not the main reason to walk this trail. Ulvsätern used to be a chalet where they had cows and other farm animals. Follow the red stripes on the woods in the forest to get to the right place. When you have seen Ulvsätern, you should follow an orange marked path back to the parking lot and to where you parked your car or motorhome.

Storvatteshagna – 19-21 kilometers

During this hike, you’ll get to visit a nice beach before you’ll end up at 1 204 meters above sea level. This is the highest mountain in all of the region Svealand. You can also fill up on fresh water from the spring to bring along with you on the rest of your hike. If you want, you can go the same way back. Or, there’s an option where you’ll have to wade through Foskån (a small stream) and take another route back.

Grovelsjon round – 23 kilometers

This might be the whole grail of hikes since it takes you all the way around Grovelsjon. It’s a long hike and it will probably take the whole day. Parts of the trail are rocky and with steep climbs but after finishing this path, you will have done several of the hikes all in one. Like a lot of the other trails, this was also part of Carl von Linnés travel in Dalarna.

If biking is more of your thing. Read our post about biking in Dalarna here.

Reindeers at Grovelsjon

Like I mentioned before, I was desperate to see reindeer during our visit to Grövelsjön. We saw a few that were grazing next to the road and that was it – at first. After doing some research read google we found a place called Renbiten. They offer feeding and hikes with reindeers. Now how awesome does that sound? So after a few days, we returned to Grovelsjon to meet face to face with the reindeers.

Did you know that there aren’t any wild reindeers? All of them have owners, even if they are walking freely and looking wild, they aren’t. We got to meet so many cuties and ended up walking and cuddling and everything all at once. But that’s another story. If you want, you can read all about our visit to Renbiten here.
Reindeer at Renbiten Sweden

Disclaimer: Our visit to Grovelsjon was part of a press trip that was arranged by Visit Dalarna. All the thoughts and opinions are our own!
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