Your Guide to Laeso – What to do and see while there!

Laeso Guide Denmark
Laeso. The danish island that welcomes you with open arms (and a lot of salt). Take the ferry out to this gem and explore. Eat langoustine and watch the seaweed roofs move to the rhythm of the wind. Here is our guide to Laeso and what not to miss while there. 

What to do in Laeso

Laeso is somewhat strongly connected to salt and there are several things that you should run into that are connected to salt. But there is more beyond that so make sure to find your own favorites while visiting Laeso. Here are some things that are worth checking out.

Laeso Kur

Immerse yourself in water with the same salinity as the dead sea and float around. This spa is inside a renovated church – how cool is that? You can get all the regular spa treatments if you like or you can just pay an entrance fee and just enjoy all the pools. It’s a special feeling to go inside and just float around and meditate. There is also a “waterfall” that you stand under and imagine that you are under a waterfall in Hawaii. I could have stayed here all day! Read more about our visit to Laeso Kur here.
Guide to Laeso

Seaweed roofs of Laeso

Putting seaweed on roofs is a unique tradition in Laeso and while there you have the opportunity to see the houses. There are several houses that have the special roofs. Hedvigs hus is kept like it was when the family was living there and there is also a museum dedicated to the craftsmanship. You are most likely to run into some houses with the seaweed roofs while going around on the island. Be sure to stop and to check them out. The houses look almost like taken out of a cartoon! Read more about seaweed roofs here.
Guide to Laeso

Laeso Saltsyderi

Salt and more salt. This is a place for all you people that love all kinds of sea salt. Here you can see it be made and follow the whole process. If you speak danish you can take part in a seminar – free of charge. Try the salt of Laeso and be sure to check out the store as well. Here you can buy different products with salt. You can also buy different kinds of beauty products with salt and of course the regular “food salt”. Our favorite was the smoked salt, which one is yours? Here you can read more about our visit to laeso saltsyderi.
Guide to Laeso

Where to Eat and Drink in Laeso

To come to Laeso and not eat Langoustine is like going to Pisa and not seeing the leaning tower. This is the traditional dish of Laeso and it tastes just as delicious as the name sounds weird. Make sure to try them out while at Laeso.
Guide to Laeso

Strandgaarden Badehotel’s Gourmet Restaurant

If someone can make food look like art, this is the place. They have a fixed dinner where you get to eat some really good treats. We got to eat the famous Langoustine and the way it was presented was incredible. The ambiance is so cozy and impressive. I think that a lot has to do with the windows – they have windows in different colors that make the light in the room super nice. The sommelier also knows his/her wine and the whole experience is a treat. Make sure to check out their cheese to while here. Choose your samples by filling out a form of which cheese you’ll like to try.  Read more about our visit to the restaurant here.
Guide to Laeso

Where to stay in Laeso

There are several hotels to choose from while visiting Laeso. We spent our time at a hotel that we liked very much and that we can recommend.

Strandgaarden Badehotel

This hotel has it all – good food, comfortable rooms, and the beach just around the corner. The hotel dates back to 1727 so this place has some history. But don’t be frightened of the places age – this is renovated and fresh like never before. Find a room of your choice because there are several different types of rooms to choose from. And make sure to keep the tradition alive and take a dip in the ocean. Read more about Strandgaarden Badehotel and our visit there by clicking here.
Guide to Laeso

How to get to Laeso, Denmark

To get to Laeso you need to take the ferry from Frederikshavn to Laeso. The trip lasts for about 90 minutes one way and there is a restaurant if you want to grab a bite to eat. There is also a lounge where you can hang out and enjoy the view. Or you can do what I did and squeeze a 90-minute nap in. The ferry traffics the route many times a day and you can either walk on board or you can bring your car or mobile home if you’ll like. The prices change depending on the season but if you want to visit Laeso during the low season you might even be able to catch the ferry for free. If you want to go to Laeso for free make sure to visit during April or October.
Guide to LaesoTo get the timetable and prices, visit

Getting around in Laeso

The island of Laeso is 21 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. The best way to get around is by bike or by car. A lot of people come here and they bring their own bikes or they rent them. The environment is very bike friendly and it’s a beautiful and healthy way to see the island. If you prefer you can also get around by car. However you decide to see the island, make sure that you make a lot of stops along the way and enjoy everything this danish island has to offer.

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