Gunter Grass House in Lubeck

Last updated Nov 15, 2021
Gunter grass house

Gunter Grass House in Lubeck is a museum dedicated to the author, artist, and Nobel prize, winner. Gunter Grass got the Nobel prize in literature in 1999. He was living in Lubeck until his death in 2015. Today, his house is a museum and we were invited to visit there and to learn more about the author.

Gunter Grass House – a museum in Lubeck

The first thing that strikes both of us when we enter the museum is how awesome the hallway and entrance to the museum are. The whole ceiling is covered with the author’s published books in different languages. And with that, there are quotes about Gunter Grass from his friends and fellow authors. We haven’t heard of him before but some of his book titles were familiar – for example, “Cat and mouse” and “Dog years”.

Gunter grass house
Gunter grass house

In the museum, you can also see some of his artwork and this place has a lot of information about Gunter Grass. Even if Mini and I, haven’t heard about him before – we still found this place super interesting. And what we found really great is that this place is for the whole family.

Gunter Grass House is for children too

Usually, when we visit a museum that is dedicated to an author or artist – it’s mostly for adults. In the case of Gunter Grass House, this place is made for children too. They can play, touch, and be a part of the exhibition. There is even a built-up store where they can play and have fun. It’s really great that they have included the children in the museum.

Gunter grass house second floor

And there is a lot of information about Gunter Grass, both in English and in German. Some parts of the exhibition are only in German but we still felt that we got the most part of it. On the second floor, Mini and I spent a lot of time because we found the most comfortable chair. And after spending a lot of time – struggling with the chair, we felt ready to move on.

Willy Brandt House Museum

After walking outside and visiting the yard, we suddenly found ourselves in another museum. This time it was the politician Willy Brandts museum. He was the foreign minister for Germany between 1966 and 1969. After that, he was the chancellor for West Germany 1969 to 1974. This is a separate museum that’s free of charge and it’s connected to the Gunter Grass House.

Willy Brandt House Museum

One thing that was very interesting about Willy Brandt is that he was living in exile in Sweden. There are a lot of magazines and paper clippings about Hitler and WWII. I found super small newspapers that I just fell in love with here. However, there was one thing in this museum that was super special…

A part of the Berlin Wall

There is a part of the Berlin wall on display at the museum. The wall fell in 1989 and made Germany one country, after years of being divided into West- and East Germany. Seeing a part of the original wall was really special for both Mini and me.

There is a lot of clutter going on at the wall – it looks just like what we have seen on tv. Oh, how I love to be surprised like this… it means the world to me to see a real piece of the Berlin Wall. I think that I’ve heard that you can buy a piece of the wall if you go to Berlin?! No idea if that’s true. But this wall made our visit to the museums a great one!

A part of the Berlin Wall

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Information about Gunter Grass House

Address: Glockengießerstraße 21, 23552 Lübeck.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 17.00.
Entrance fee: 7 € per adult.
Website: More information about the museum.

Collaboration Germany Lubeck

Another Nobel prize winners house we have visited.


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