Homing Pin – Must have gadget for all travelers

Mar 2, 2017

Homing pin
Homing Pin. This is the must have for all that travel! Are you afraid of loosing your luggage? This is a thing that will help you to minimize the risk of being without your stuff. This is truly a great thing! This gadget will surely take the world by storm.

Homing Pin

The Homing Pin is the first global lost property recovery system in the world. My first thought is to protect my luggage, however you can also use it on your phone, laptop or whatever you might choose. Sure to be able to work you will still need the faith of humanity. You still need the person that finds your phone to return it. But lets keep the faith that people are amazing. In that case, this product is amazing as well!

What is Homing Pin?

Tags for your bags, labels for your things like phone, camera, laptop, keys or whatever you feel you do not want to loose. You put the tags on your stuff and register online. Then if you loose your stuff you are more likely to get it back. When we got the presskit there were 2 800 airports that were already connected via baggage tracking system. I do believe that the more people using this – the more people will get their things back. I do want to state that this is not a sponsored post. We are NOT getting paid to write this post. I am writing this because I think that this is a great idea and a perfect gadget for every traveler.

Another great thing is that this is an international product. I often find the coolest stuff that I want to share with you but it is only available in Sweden so thats a bum. This time you can buy the Homing pin all over the world.

This is what is included in your starter kit.

This is what is included in your starter kit.

Fun Facts about lost things

  • About 3,4 percent of all bags get misplaced during transit. That is about 400 000 bags a week!
  • Every year people leave 40 million items in hotel rooms. That is a lot!
  • 1 in 6 mobile phones are lost every year.
  • 12 000 laptops are lost each week at airports in the US. That is a lot of laptops that get away from their owners!

Prices start at 10:- Euro and you can buy them on their website.


  1. Linda Bibb

    This is absolutely brilliant! When we flew to the US last year, United Airlines lost our luggage TWICE – both going and coming – and we had to wait a week for it once we got back home. I would have felt so much better had our bags had these tags, because my husband’s bag ended up in London and mine made its way to Hong Kong. We think our luggage is better travelled than we are!

    • mini

      That really sucks. And what are the chances of that happening twice?! We are very happy with the homing Pin but we have not had any trouble with missing luggage since we started using them so no information of how effective it is IRL 🙂


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