Honey farm – To bee – visiting a honey farm in Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Honey farm in PolandHoney farm in Poland? I love when travel also becomes a learning experience. During a press trip to Poland, we got to visit a honey farm and learn more about the making of honey and the bees. Who knew that they have the most incredible small hives? They were literary made like small houses. Come with us as we visit Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie outside of Gdansk.

Honey farm outside of Gdansk

This is a true family-owned farm where the whole family is involved and working with bees. Ewa and Bogdan Toporkiewicz are the owners and they have dedicated their lives to the small flying creatures. When we arrived at the farm, we went to see the beehives first. I have seen a lot of beehives and they often look all the same. That was not the case here.

The beehives at this honey farm were super cute. It looked like really small houses and they were colorful like crazy. There were several different kinds of beehives and some of them were movable. You see – if there is a special honey that you want to make, they have to make the bees get their nectar from specific flowers. By moving them around, they can produce the honey that you want.
Honey farm in Poland

The worlds greatest beehives

When we got to the beehives, some of the bees were not that happy to see us. I loved how caring Ewa and Bogdan were for our safety. When they saw a bee swarm, they quickly moved us to another place. They also seemed to care a lot for their bees – making sure that they had a great life.

Now, I’m a huge animal lover and I used to struggle with the honey industry. I mean, we take their hard work and use it for our own gain. And I usually don’t fancy honey that much. Now I  am still kind of unsure but at the same time, it felt better to see that the bees were well taken care of at this honey farm.
Honey farm in Poland
The honey bee queen

Getting the honey out from the beehives

Ok, so we were not allowed to see the honey be transported from the beehives to the office. I would have loved to put on the full gear and enter into the world of bees. At the same time, I understand that they can not have a bunch of novices running around, stressing the bees out. Since they make different kind of workshops for tourists, it all has to be with the mantra “safety first”.

But we got to see how the honey is processed. And best of all – we got to take the honey off the plates to. At the Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie, they make the honey all organic and they make a bunch of honey-related products. After seeing the process and seeing how the honey twirls in a centrifuge, we were ready to taste the product.
Honey farm in Poland
At the honey farm

Honey tasting – and alcohol too

After we learned a lot about honey and the bees we were off to a true honey tasting. I knew that there were different kinds of honey. However, I didn’t know that they all looked so different. The color, the texture were all different depending on which honey we tried. And for all of you wondering… yes, there is a huge difference between honey and honey.

And we also got to see how they mark their bees. They put a small number on the queen and then they know which beehive it belongs too. Alcohol made out of honey – if not in Poland where else?! To sum it all up, we had a great time at this honey farm and we do recommend you to visit there and also to join them in a workshop. And they are also selling their honey in a store on location so make sure you get some great organic honey.
Honey farm in Poland
Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie

Information about the Gospodarstwo Pszczelarskie

Address: ul. Miodowa 1, 82-440 Dzierzgon. (Miod means honey in polish and the street is translated to the honey street. How awesome is that?!).
Phone number: +48608 534 884 or +48608 802120.


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    Very interesting! Can we buy it on site? What type(s) of honey they sell? Website or stores? Please advise! Thank you


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