Hop on hop off in Hamburg – Stadrundfahrt

Hop on hop off in Hamburg - StadrundfahrtHop on hop off in Hamburg (called Stadtrundfahrt) is a great way to explore Hamburg. The city is Germany’s second-largest, something that means that it’s hard to reach all the attractions on foot. By starting your trip to Hamburg with a tour on the “Stadrundfahrt”, you will get a glimpse of all good things to come.

Hop on hop off in Hamburg – Stadrundfahrt

Hamburg is a big city and even if a lot of attractions are close to each other, everything is not within walking distance. There are several ways to explore the city and a tour with the red double-decker is just one of the great ways. We would say that it’s the best way to get a glimpse of the city and what it has to offer. If you just want to get around in Hamburg, it’s better to just go by bus or train to your destination.

The Hop Hop of in Hamburg is more of an attraction than a way to get from point A to point B. By taking a bus ride with the red buses you get a guided tour of the city and you will know what places you will want to come back to. Since the tickets are a lot more expensive than a “regular” bus ticket – we use the Hop on Hop off, not for getting around but more as sightseeing. If there is time left, we will of course start getting of at different stations but that is not the main goal.
Hop on hop off in Hamburg - Stadrundfahrt
Hamburg Harbour

Best way to get the most out of your tour

To each his own, but this is the way that we explored Hamburg with the Stadrundfahrt. In Hamburg, the roundtrips are done with live guiding. Sure, they are in German and since we don’t speak the language – we asked for headphones. A set is included in the ticket price so make sure to get a pair. A huge plus is that these headphones were the first once that was comfortable. Usually, you get plastic headphones but here we got in earbuds and they were great! You have nine different languages to choose from the audioguide and we picked English.

Sure, you are missing out on some of the stuff because the audioguide does not give close as much information as you get from the guide, but it’s still an option. Sit down, tune in to your channel and just enjoy the full ride. In Hamburg, it took 90 minutes in total to take the full tour. Once we hade done the full tour, we started to getting of at the stops that looked appealing to us.
Hop on hop off in Hamburg Map
Hop on hop off at the miniature wonderland.jpg

Where do the bus stop in Hamburg

In Hamburg, there are several different variations to choose from. You can combine your bus ticket with a boat ride, with a visit to an attraction or go during the evening. We did the “regular” bus tour and these are the stops that the bus makes:

  1. St. Pauli Piers 1-2, Harbour.
  2. Auf Dem Sande, Warehouse district (Miniature wonderland and Dungeon) and also the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  3. Marco Polo Terrassen, HafenCity.
  4. Shanghaialle, Motor Museum.
  5. U-Bahn Steinstrasse, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  6. Central Station, Spitalerstrasse, Shopping street Mönckerbergstrasse.
  7. Central Station, Kirchenallee, Deutsches Schauspielhaus.
  8. Museum of Art.
  9. Holzdamm, Alster lake.
  10. Fontenay, Rotherbaum.
  11. Hallerstrasse, Pöselforf.
  12. Rothenbaumchaussee, Museum of Ethnology.
  13. Johnsallee.
  14. Moorweidenstrase, University of Hamburg.
  15. Marseiller Strasse, Convention Center.
  16. Bei Den Kirchhöfen, Exhibition hall.
  17. Sievekingplatz, Courthouses.
  18. Valentinskamp, Gänsemarkt.
  19. Dammtorstrasse, State Opera House.
  20. Esplanade.
  21. Neuer Jungfernstieg, Inner Alster.
  22. Rathaus, City Hall, Downtown shopping streets.
  23. U-Bahn Rödingsmarkt, Alter Wall.
  24. Rödingsmarkt, Fleetinsel.
  25. St. Michaeli’s Church.
  26. Seewartenstrasse, Hafenpanorama.
  27. Davidstrasse, Reeperbahn.
  28. Hafentreppe, Hamburg Fishmarket, Submarine 434.

Hamburgs most photographed place

Hop on Hop off stop Hamburg

Our experience with the Hop on Hop of in Hamburg

We have done a lot of tours like these all over the world and the one in Hamburg is a really high-quality one. First of all, as I mentioned, the headphones that we got were really good and comfortable compared to other once. And if we would have understood German, I believe that this would have been the best tour ever. Not a lot of the Hop on Hop of busses offer live commentators on the routes.

When it comes to the audio guide, it was ok but we both felt that we wished it would have given us more information. The route takes you through nice neighborhoods and great places. You learn a lot about the city and it makes you eager to explore more after the tour. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to hop on and hop of at all of the places that you want to explore but it’s a great overview of what Hamburg has to offer.
Hamburg city

Information about the Hop on hop of in Hamburg

You can buy tickets at any bus so no worries.
Address: Bei den St. Pauli Landungsbrucken, Brucke 1.
Opening hours: The time table changes during the year so make sure to check it out. Overall it goes each 20 minutes from 09.30 – 17:00.
Price: Depending on what tour you are interested in, the price varies. For a “regular” tour it costs 18,50 € per adult.
Website: Hamburgs Stadtrundfahrt.

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