How to find the cheapest flights using momondo

Mar 10, 2019

How to find the cheapest flights
How to find the cheapest flights. One thing that we are totally “in awe” with is momondos annual flight study. With all their work, they have charted all the details and can now show you what time and how long in advance you should book your flights. It is not just a great tool, it is a fun thing to check and then to ponder over why there are so huge differences. 

How to find the cheapest flights

The annual flight study is based on billions of data points that are made from searches on the momondo website. If you are interested in flying to a special destination, you can easily look when the best time to book your flight is. For example: let’s say that you want to fly to Lanzarote. You will be flying out from Copenhagen. But for the fun of it we will also compare with London and New York. So when should you book your flight to save money?

  • Copenhagen – Lanzarote: Book your trip 46 days before and fly on a Monday afternoon.
  • London – Lanzarote: Book you trip 18 days before. Fly on Friday evening.
  • New York – Lanzarote: No information about this destination but that is not so strange when you think of it. Arrecife in Lanzarote is not that big destination for Americans that travel from New York.

It is interesting to see how this annual flight study actually works. And the fact that I couldn’t find any information about it the flight from New York, just makes me trust the study even more. This does not feel like something that momondo just made on a whim. No, I believe that this has been years in the making.
How to find the cheapest flights

Annual flight study will help you a lot while booking a flight

Even if you are not a total nerd that loved to go through the different paragraphs of the study, you will still get a lot of help from it. Just punch in your destination and there you go… all the information regarding your flight is right there. There is no need to compare destinations with each other. Mini and I do it because we think that it is interesting. We like to speculate around things like

Why should you fly out from London (to Lanzarote) on a Friday evening when you fly out on a Monday from Copenhagen? In our minds it should be more expensive on a Friday because a lot of people want to fly out for the weekend. Well, that is not the case if you want to fly from London. But if you want to fly from Copenhagen – Friday will be the most expensive day to go to the Canary Islands. Isn’t that strange and interesting?
How to find the cheapest flights
How to find the cheapest flights

Know what month to book and find the cheapest airlines

The annual flight study will also show you what month is the cheapest to fly to your destination. If we continue to look at Lanzarote you will find that January is the cheapest month to get there while the most expensive month is July (flying out from Copenhagen). If you fly to Lanzarote from London, you can see that August is the most expensive month to travel there.

And with the momondo annual flight study, you can also easily see which airline is the cheapest. In my searches for trips to Lanzarote, Ryanair is most often the cheapest airline and I believe that this is common to a lot of the destinations.

Why we love the annual flight study from momondo

How can you not love a feature that gives you straight forward information on when it is the cheapest to book a flight?! But, we do not always wait until it is 46 (or however many days in advance) to book our trip. Sometimes we book it when we feel that the price is fair.

Another feature that we also like very much is their “price alert” feature. If you want you can get an email and track the price whenever it changes. Now, how awesome is that!!!
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