How to get to London

Feb 26, 2016


London – one of the biggest cities on earth – is a popular place to visit among tourists from all over the world. But how do you get there? There are actually quite many ways:

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How to get to London

A great way to travel to the capital of England is by boat or ferry. U.K has a wide arrange of ferry connections, stretching from departures in southern Europe like France and Spain to shorter trips like Calais to Dover. The capital is easily reached from the major ports – either by bus or car.

Prices: The prices are of course changing depending on several factors; if you want to bring a vehicle on the boat, which time of the day you want to depart and which time of the season it is. If you would like to travel from Calais to Dover at noon in February and bring a standard-sized vehicle, the price will be from £50 – £70.

From Santander in Spain to Portsmouth, you can get away with under £180. If you choose this alternative, be aware that the drive to London from the port is about one and a half – two hours long depending on the traffic.


How to get to London

The quickest way to get to London is probably by air (although it depends on where you depart from of course). The airport closest to the city (except for the smaller London City Airport) is Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world. With a stunning number of 73.4 million passengers in 2014, you can be certain that Heathrow and London are easily reached by air.

Prices: With such a big number of cities with air connections to London, the best thing is to contact your local travel agency – or even more convenient – use designated websites to compare the ticket prices like FareCompare. If you are Scandinavian, is another good option.

Flights from Scandinavia can sometimes be found at the very affordable price of £18. From bigger cities like Paris or Berlin, the prices are usually around £50 with low-cost airlines like RyanAir and Norwegian.


How to get to London

The Eurotunnel was built in 1986 and have had a great impact on the way European people travel nowadays. By car, it will take you around 35 minutes to travel the length of the tunnel. Prices vary a lot depending on the duration of your stay:


Day Trip & Overnight: Starting at £23 per car each way.

5 days or less: Starting at £59 per car each way.

Frequent Traveller (any duration): Starting at £43 per car each way. Be aware that a minimum of 10 single tickets is required to classify as a frequent traveller.


How to get to London

If you are fed up with long flights, many hours of driving or just happen to get seasick easily, the train is always a convenient option. A very popular route to travel by rail is Paris to London, a trip that will just take you a little over 2 hours.

Prices: The above mentioned route can be purchased at and will cost you around £50. That is if you buy the ticket at the right time, it is more likely that they will charge you around £65 for a one-way ticket.

From other big cities, like Brussels for instance, trips starting at £30 are available for purchase at

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