In the middle of a Video Shoot in Olhao

Video shoot in Olhao
Yes, that is true! During a walk in Olhao, we ended up getting caught up in a real soap opera. They were in the middle of a video shoot when we came strolling down in the harbor. I love things like this! Unplanned that just happen and make you be part of something new!

Olhao harbor set the set

We were out and exploring with our friends Fritte and Taina when we stumbled upon loads of cameras and people standing and waiting. I had to force Mini to snap a few pictures. He is not nearly as nosy as I am when it comes to “other peoples business”. He just walked past it and was ready to continue our exploration of Olhao.

I am not like that! I am super curious and I need to find out more. So we stopped and waited. Waited for something to happen. And then it did! They were shooting a scene where one woman is waiting out by the car and there is someone approaching her. They have a conversation and then they get into the car.
– CUT!, yelled the director and then they did the scene again.
Video shoot in Olhao

Filming Paixao for the Portuguese SIC channel

Before we left the movie set I had to ask one from the staff what they were shooting. He said that it was a soap opera called “Passion”. I wrote it up and thought that I will google it when we are back. However, once we got back I could not find it no matter how hard I looked.

And yes, I tried all kinds of search words to find the show. After a couple of hours, I sent an email to Soraia (our contact in the Algarve) and gave her the information I had. And bless her sweet heart because within an hour I had an answer.

…Yes I do know that soap opera that is showned on the portuguese SIC channel. The name in portuguese is Paixão.

Soraia also gave me some links where I could read more about the show. And it is a show about passion indeed. A guy wants a girl and can’t have her and all of that. Unfortunately, it’s in Portuguese so impossible for me to follow!

Paixao is filmed all over Algarve

One thing that I think is amazing is that the whole series is filmed around the Algarve. I believe that the scenery is incredible. And who knows – maybe they will ad English subs and then we can all watch it!

And until then we continue to create our own soap opera – that is also called our life!
Video shoot in Olhao


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