Our journey begins in december

Oct 8, 2016

Our journey begins in december

There has been progress when it comes to our future plans. We have found our tenants and it feels great! It is the sweetest family and we get along so well. It feels like we have known each other of a long time even if we have only met twice.

Getting ready for our journey = the rest of our life!

They are ready to move in the beginning of december which means that we are moving into our RV full time within two months. How cool is that? Mini is freaking out because there is so much to be done. I am selling all of our stuff like crazy. I think that I am selling it way to cheap but in all honesty – better to get rid of it than to try to get the most out of it!

There is a press trip planned for next week to Aarhus and I am super excited. How about three days of total touristing?! Traveling without thinking because someone else has planned the whole trip. Super fun to come! At the same time there is so much to be done back home.

Another thing I can let you know now is that we are starting our own company. Pictures and press on the menu. We have filed all the papers and are waiting for our approval now! Mini is looking at a larger RV because he says that the one we have is not big enough (6 meter). When I think of it… I will ask him to take some pictures of our “probably” future home and I will show you!

Can you believe that our journey is starting within two months? But tonight we are having dinner at our neighbors house with Inger (our dear friend and travel planner). After dinner we are coming back to our place because there is a lot of alcohol on our shelves that needs to be emptied out before we move ;).

Is this our future view?

Is this our future view?



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