Kande Vihara Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka

Kande Vihara Temple
This Buddha in Kande Vihara is the largest sitting Buddha in Sri Lanka. During the tsunami in 2004 a lot of people ran to this temple to escape the tsunami. The temple is on Beruwelas highest point and the name Kande Vihara means the temple on the hill.  

Kande Vihara Temple

The temple was built in 1734 and is one of Beruwelas main tourist attractions. The temple is really beautiful and you will find a lot of statues and paintings inside. But in all honesty the main highlight is the sitting Buddha. The buddha is sitting on the hill and overlooking the city of Beruwela.

Before you visit make sure to be dressed properly.This is a sacred place so ladies be sure to cover up. I believe that it is really important to show respect to the sacred places you visit. Some places (like this temple) are quite friendly and nice and there were some ladies that were let inside even if they were dressed in shorts. However don’t disrespect the locals. Cover up and don’t show legs or shoulders while visiting the Kande Vihara Temple.
Candles at the temple

buddha in Sri Lanka

Our visit to the Kande Vihara Temple

We were so lucky because it was a full moon during our visit. That means that it was Poya-day in Sri Lanka and the temple was crowded. We got to light a candle, put flowers to the gods and see the Buddha statue with a full moon in the background. It was magical! And I can’t help but to be happy that this temple is located on the hill and that it hosted survivors during the tsunami. It makes it even more special. Now in all honesty – there are loads of temples in Sri Lanka and Beruwela is not one of the prettiest one. If you have a week in Anuradhapura you might want to skip this one. But at the same time. If you are in Beruwela you will want to stop here and visit the temple!

Kande Vihara Temple

Sitting Buddha in Beruwela

Information about Kande Vihara Temple

Entrance fee: Its free of charge but you leave a donation of your choice.
Find it: 06°26′56.8″N80°00′01.0″E. There is no written address to the temple but any local will be glad to show you the way!

Kande Vihara temple


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