Kjugekull – a nature reserve in Skane, Sweden

Last updated Apr 14, 2021

Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden
A nature reserve in southern Sweden famous for its boulders with lots of people come here to go bouldering. There are several different paths that you can hike with different lengths and difficulties. You can feel the mystical and mythical aura about this place.

Kjugekull nature reserve

When you come to kjugekull you will walk a path into an “information room”. Here you can read up on loads of information about the flora and fauna. The information is great but I did feel that there was one thing that was “too much”. They have small stuffed birds on display. I think that pictures would’ve been enough. No need for stuffed birds.
Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden
Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden

You can choose between several different paths to follow or you can just walk on your own and explore. We went on the red trail and it was sometimes very hard to follow the trail. In some places, it was marked very well but sometimes we couldn’t find the right path. And it’s really no problem if you are a calm person (or have a gps with you). But we got frustrated sometimes when we didn’t know where to walk.

Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden

A great thing is that you can bring pets with you. Dogs are allowed if they are on a leash. Ok so we don’t have a dog but we like places that welcome animals. And there are sheep or goats walking the premises. There is also a cave that was described as taken from “Game of Thrones” in a book. No – that’s not true. The cave is way exaggerated according to us. During the book it’s a place of worship and that a “throne” inside the cave is the altar. According to us, it’s two blocks that lie together and make a small cave. This is not that kind of cave that you can enter and explore. No this is just a “walk in” cave.

Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden

But sure it’s cool and we would love to find out who made it. There are steps carved out of the stone and they are old so it would be neat to know who made them. The boulders are everywhere and some of them look like huge pots and some of them are super cool to look at!

Our visit to Kjugekull

Our day at Kjugekull was really good. Why not perfect? Well, I spent the whole time looking for the sheep or goats or cows or whatever animal was leaving their poop everywhere. And no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find anyone that I could pet. At one viewing spot I could even see some fur but no animal attached to the fur.
Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden

So while Mini was taking pictures and admiring the view, I was running around looking for cuteness to pet! But this is a really great place to visit and to walk around in. Make sure you have some sort of tracking of your walk so that you don’t get lost. And have comfortable shoes”

How to get here:

Kjugekull in Skane, Sweden

There is also very a very good parking spots 100 meters from the visitor’s information center up there.


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