Laeso Kur – A spa in an old church

Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark
Like a spa is not exclusive and nice enough,  Laeso Kur has taken it to a new level. The spa is inside the old Vesterø Harbor Church. This is the place to visit if you want to relax and if you are wondering how it feels to float in the dead sea. The pool at this place has the same salinity as the dead sea. Welcome to Laeso Kur!

Laeso Kur spa – Salt and well-being

This is a modern nordic spa that is just five minutes walk from the ferry. While the church was converted into a spa, they respected the history of the old building and kept it nice and historical. The focus here is salt. Since Laeso salt is famous all over the country they have focused on salt in their pools and treatments. Here you can float in salt water with different salinity and it is an amazing feeling. They have several different treatments (like all spas) but you can also pay a fee and just enjoy all the pools.
Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark
Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark

Treatments for Psoriasis

It turns out that the saltwater is great for treating psoriasis. I love the fact that this place is not just for enjoyment but that it also have health benefits for the skin. The saltwater pools have 12% and 30% salt in them and they are good for your skin. This is a well known fact and there are a lot of treatment centers like this by the dead sea in Israel. Now Denmark has its own so you don’t need to go to Israel to know how it feels to float in the dead sea.
Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark

Different pools at Laeso Kur

There are several different pools, saunas, Turkish baths and outdoor jacuzzis. Even before entering the saltwater pools you can see how the salt has formed on the wooden stairs to the pool. I got into the water with 12% salinity first and felt how my body wanted to float. The pools are quite small and relaxing. When entering the “recreation pool of the dead sea” it was incredible. You float like you are a leaf on the water. It is almost impossible to submerge yourself. I had a meditation time in the pool, just relaxing and floating around.
Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark

There is also a larger pool that has 27 degrees celsius and with a salinity of 2 – 3%. The pool is good for swimming and doing gymnastics. The fact that the pool is stretching along the whole room makes it super nice. You can find your own spot and just relax in a nook or cranny in the pool. And have you ever seen a “walk through” pool? They have one. You walk through the water and get up again.
Laeso kur at Laeso, Denmark

Have a perfect day at Laeso Kur

Make sure to try out the waterfall while here. Go inside a shower and let the water splash all over you like you were in a waterfall. And also check out the jacuzzi outside and relax in the chairs overlooking the sea. The saunas are also really nice and you can take salt and use as a body scrub. One thing that is great is that you can pay 275:- Danish krone (DKK) and spend the whole day here using the spa. Included in the price you are provided with a robe to use during your stay. This is totally worth it and I could’ve spent a whole day here. If you want treatments you have to pay extra. Examples of treatments are facials, massage, Body scrub and mud pack to name a few.

Also, check out the shop before leaving. Here you have different balms and bath salts and salts from Laeso.

Information about Laeso Kur

Address: Vesterø Havnegade 28, 9940 Læsø, Denmark.

This trip was a press trip with Visit Denmark. We share our personal experiences of the different places we got to see so this is not a sponsored post!

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