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Last updated May 29, 2021

Museo Lagomar, LanzaroteLagOmar. It is a house, a museum and a really interesting place to visit. This is the famous house that was owned by actor Omar Sharif. This is also the house that he supposedly lost in a game of bridge. LagOmar is a beautiful oasis in Lanzarote. Join us during our visit there and learn more about this incredible place. 

LagOmar was created by geniuses

Like all the main attractions that are on this island, Cesar Manrique had a thing to do with this place. He is the one that conceived this place and then Jesus Soto, designed it. And as soon as you arrive, you know that this is a special place and that this built with some afterthought. Magic cave, rock gardens, tunnels and a lake – does that don’t sound super special?

If you are visiting this place with children, make sure to keep an eye on them at all times. This mansion is not the perfect house for children since there are a lot of open spaces and places where the children can get hurt. My first thought after entering was that it felt somewhat like being in the book “One Thousand and One Nights”.
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote

LagOmar is nature and home in one

I loved this place. Mainly it was because there was no clear boundary between the house and nature around it. Plants, earth and volcanoes are all worked into this amazing property and you can spend hours upon hours here. There is a path that you are meant to walk but it is up to you how you choose to wander while here. Once you come to the actual house, there is an audio guide that gives you information about Omar Sharif and his time at LagOmar.

I do get the “fuss” about Omar Sharif and the role he played in this place, but at the same time, this place is just as incredible without him. So there is a story about Omar Sharif and how he ended up with LagOmar and then how he lost it.
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote

Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote

Omar Sharif lost his house

So the story is that Omar Sharif came to Lanzarote in 1973 to film the movie “Captain Nemo”. If anyone doesn’t know who Omar Sharif is, he was a well-known actor, famous for his roll in Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, and Funny Girl. So while being in Lanzarote, he fell in love with this house and bought it. The next day, a guy told him that they should play bridge. Omar Sharif was a great bridge player so he took the bait.

The thing was that the guy that challenged him was one of the worlds best bridge players. In the end, Omar Sharif ended up losing the house in a game of cards. Omar left Lanzarote and never returned (it is said). The table where he lost his house is still upstairs and there is a lot of information about him. The thing that gets me is that he only owned the house for one day – that hardly gave him any time to set his own touch on this place. And yet it takes up such a huge part when you visit LagOmar.
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote

Our visit to the LagOmar mansion

This is a beautiful place, a place that you want to visit. It is easy to understand why this place often is a backdrop for photo shoots and different events. This place was built in the 70’s and was opened to the public in 1989. We spent a couple of hours here, walking around and just enjoying this magical place. It is really impressive how many places there are in Lanzarote that are magical.

Like in all places, there is a café and a gift shop here. if you grab a cup of coffee here (or if you get something to eat) you will have an amazing view over this place. I felt like a kid again, running (read walking) around here and imagining what used to play out here when this was someones home.
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote
Museo Lagomar, Lanzarote

Information about LagOmar

Address: C/Los Loros, 2 Nazaret, Teguise, Lanzarote.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 18.00.
Entrance fee: 6 euros per adult.


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