Learn more about the Alboran sea in Malaga

Museo Alborania in Malaga
They are working with the message “A place that will strengthen the bonds between people, the sea, and its culture”. They mean well and it is very informative. However, they don’t make it all the way to their goal if you ask me! We visited the MUSEOALBORANIA while in Malaga, Spain. Read all about our experience of the place. 

Museo Alborania in Malaga Harbor

Located in the beautiful harbor in Malaga this Museu Alborania is hard to miss. All the things and creatures that are shown here are connected to the Alboran sea. The sea is a frontier between Africa and Europe and you can watch a movie about it at the museum. You will also find fossils and whats cool is that you get to touch them as well. And you get the information in English to so that’s perfect!

Watch planktons through a magnifying glass and get hands on in the different exhibitions. There is also a “lab” that will teach you more about the creatures of the sea. I had mixed feelings about this place. Some things I liked and some things that I thought were pretty bad. I can’t say if I recommend this place or not due to several factors. So I have made a list of the pros and cons and then you can decide by your self.
Museo Alborania
Museo Alborania

Visit the Museo Alborania in Malaga

  1. You will learn a lot. The museum gives great information about the sea and how we shall behave to preserve it.
  2. They are helping animals. They have a turtle (in a boring pool) that is currently recovering from eating plastic. The goal is to let him be free one day again.
  3. You get to touch a lot of stuff. Like the teeth of the shark – and yes they are really sharp!
  4. The best thing is that you learn a lot!

Museo Alborania

Don’t visit the Museo Alborania in Malaga

  1. They have aquariums with different kinds of underwater creatures. The aquariums are way to small for the fishes. They also have an octopus and it was trying to get out during our visit. I do believe that they want a darker environment than he got there. And the octopus was also hurt and had a white spot on his nose (watch the movie below to see the octopus).
  2. It is pretty neglected. They have a preserved octopus in some sort of liquid. It looks horrible. The tentacles are half dissolved and it just looks disgusting.
  3. A lot of the interactive exhibition does not work. There are buttons that are supposed to be pushed but they don’t work. Some parts of animal skeletons are broken off and not complete.

Museo Alborania

So now it is up to you to decide if you want to visit the museum or not! Like the list shows, there are both pros and cons of giving them your money!

Information about the MUSEOALBORANIA

Address: Palmeral de las Sorpresas  Muelle 2, Puerto de MalagaMálaga, Spain.
Time needed to visit: 1 – 2 hours.
Opening hours: 10.30 – 14.00 and 17.00 – 20.00 every day!
Entry fee: 7 euro (2017).
Website: http://museoalborania.com
Museo Alborania


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