Life is full of changes – Skaneleden and Kristianstadsbladet this summer

Jun 7, 2017

Plans for this summer
The plan for the summer was to leave Sweden for Portugal and Poland. However, our local magazine in Kristianstad called and offered me a job during the summer. As freelancers who can afford to say no to money? 

Spending the summer in Bromolla, Skane

So we have a press trip to Poland for a few days planned.  After the press trips, we were off to either Poland or Portugal – to explore. The other week the local magazine contacted me and offered me substitute job as a reporter and editor in Bromolla. And even if we already had our plans for the near future – we decided that plans are made to be changed. I took the position and the summer will be spent in Skane. This will also be a great opportunity to get to know our “previous” home surroundings.


Our motorhome will be in Bromolla and we started to look for things to do during the weekends and my days of work. It turns out that Skane has loads to offer and of the things is Skaneleden – hiking trails that stretch for over 1000 kilometers.

Skaneleden – Hiking through southern Sweden

Ok, so we are not hikers. We did however survive the Inca trail but that was the last time we did some serious hiking. And don’t get us wrong. This will not be a “from start to finish” hike stretching over several months. This will be “let’s walk today and tomorrow” kind of exploration. Since I will be working and exploring the surroundings we will have to see how much of Skaneleden will be covered. The plan is to cover it all – some day.

Skaneleden stretches for over 1000 kilometers. That’s a lot of walking.

So our plans have changed, yet again but we are happy and are looking forward to a summer in Skane, Sweden. We will be tourists here some more!


  1. Henrik Olsson - Föreläsning

    Jag skulle kanske hänga med er på lite av detta 😛

    Sv: Jag tror nog att penis chilin behöver regelbundet miljöombyte! 😉

    • mini

      Hade varit riktigt kul faktiskt.

  2. Travelsis_

    Välkomna till Skåne! Vi kanske ses i sommar.Skåneleden ja den finns ju lite överallt, ni kommer få många fina promenader. / Från oss i södra Skåne☺️

    • mini

      Ja vi ser fram emot att se lite mer av vad Sverige har att erbjuda.


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