List of documentaries – Animals used in tourism

Sep 14, 2016

List of documentaries - Animals used in tourism

It is time to shed some light on what we as tourists do to animals. What do the animal have to suffer through for our amusement? Here are 5 documentaries for you to watch and learn more about the industry while planning your trip. 

5 documentaries about animals in tourism

We are aware that this is just one side – the negative side of it and We are sure that there are some places out there that treat their animals right. But it is still a problem when we forget that “wild is wild”. We have been taking part of this, swimming with dolphins, petting tigers and visiting the zoo. Some of the things we did not approve of but some of them were informative and seemed good. But we do want to bring the light to this industry and one way is to give you five documentaries that you can watch.

Circus Cruelty – Animal performer life behind the red curtain

A documentary that is collected from different hidden cameras from circuses around the world.

The Cove

From the creator of the tv-series Flipper. This shows how dolphins are captured and then sent to different theme parks.

Tiger Temple Thailand: Temple or Tiger Business?

A guy that volunteered at the temple gives his opinion. Good because he leaves it up to you to decide. Even if this temple is closed – there are more tiger temples in Thailand.


A documentary about the Killer Whales of Seaworld.

An Elephant Never Forgets

A documentary about how Elephants are trained for our amusement.


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