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Last updated May 29, 2021

Los Telares La GomeraLos Telares is an apartment and suits complex that is located in the north-eastern part of the island of La Gomera. This place was our home for three nights and every time we looked out the windows from our room – it was like looking straight into a movie set!

Los Telares – Surrounded by mountains

I can’t help but think of Jurassic Park when I enter our room and see the view. This is incredible, amazing and all other nice words. Los Telares is located in a ravine and surrounded by beautiful mountains, covered in green and lush vegetation. The view makes me want to take out my yoga mat (that I, of course, have left back home) and just sit down and relax. There is so much “Zen” going on here and while Mini is unpacking and making us ready to explore the island of La Gomera, I am stuck. Stuck on the bed, watching the view.

We have been to a lot of really nice hotels, apartments and suits complexes but this is truly “one of a kind”. And what helps it become one of a kind is the beautiful location. This is a place where we would have loved to spend some more days. But we are happy that we got to have three amazing nights, waking up to this amazing view.
Los Telares La Gomera

The rooms at Los Telares

When you live full time in a motorhome, all the hotel rooms you see are huge. But our apartment at Los Telares was really big. There are a kitchen and a big bathroom. The bedroom has sliding doors so that you can close behind you when you go to sleep. You have everything you need and then some!

Since we were out exploring the island each day, we didn’t have a chance to cook our own food in the kitchen or to lay by the pool. However, we did get the chance to walk around the complex and check out everything that is there. The pool was really nice and quaint. My absolute favorite was the “yoga room”. Oh, once again, I got the urge to pull out my mat and just go nuts in the studio!
Los Telares La Gomera
Los Telares La Gomera
Los Telares La Gomera

Breakfast in bed

Each morning we opened our door and there it was – our breakfast on a tray. Not every day that you get your breakfast in bed right?! Since we spent three nights there, we had a different breakfast each day. Different spreads and coffee and jam. We heard that they do the “breakfast on a tray” when there are not so many guests at Los Telares.

In my mind, I was sitting in bed, eating breakfast. In reality, we were eating quickly at the same time as we were packing for the day. But I love getting breakfast on a tray! We only had that once before and that was on a cruise.
Los Telares La Gomera
Los Telares La Gomera

Responsible and sustainable tourism

Los Telares is part of ATUSOS and the Eco-Tourism Club in Spain. That means that they are striving for responsible and sustainable tourism. How did we notice that? Well, first of all, they only change the sheets for guests once a week (unless there are new guests arriving obviously). Second of all, they don’t change the towels each day. When you want them changed you just leave them in the shower.

All the containers with our breakfast were without plastic. The butter and jam were placed inside small glass jars and there was recycling all over the hotel. I believe that it’s important that all the places and hotels strive to become more sustainable. At Los Telares they are very successful and we hope that more places will follow. So the next time you check into a hotel, make sure to check whether the hotel is sustainable or not! Let’s raise a hand for eco-tourism!
You can read more on their website about sustainability by clicking the link here
Los Telares La Gomera

Information About Apartamentos Los Telares

Address: Ctra. General, 10, 38820 Hermigua.
Price: From 60 €

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We recommend Los Telares for your vacation in the beautiful island of La Gomera.
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