Magic of lights festival in Travemunde

Published Dec 3, 2019

Magic of lights festival in TravemundeThe light festival called “Magic of lights festival” is an annual party that is happening in September each year in Travelmunde. It’s located in Godewindpark and it’s a really nice thing to enjoy if you happen to be in Travemunde during the festival. Join us as we went to this magical place and enjoyed all its glory!

Magic of Lights festival is for everyone

From what we heard, this festival is to say goodbye to the summer and welcome the fall. For two nights, the trees, the lake, and meadows transform into an inferno of lights. Inferno in this meaning is all good – this is a controlled festival and you feel safe while being here so no worries. We recommend you arrive before it’s dark. That way, you can explore Godewindpark in daylight too and this is a really nice park.
If you arrive early why not spend the day at the beach in Travemunde.

We arrived at about five o’clock in the evening and we had no idea what to expect. At first, we thought that everything would be happening around the lake so we quickly sat down in two lawn chairs – hogging our spots. In the end, that was not necessary because you want to move around the whole park and not just stay in one spot.
The Light festival is for everyone
Light festival is for everyone
The Light festival is for everyone

Boats with lights on the lake

What is it about model boats and adult men? When we arrive, there are already some small, nice boats that run around in the lake. Well, they are miniature boats that are driven by remotes. The remotes are run by grown men. No children allowed, because apparently, the boat is not a toy. As I sit down and can’t stop being fascinated by this phenomenon. Mini has jumped right in. He’s seeing something else. I can see from all the pictures he’s taking of the boats that he doesn’t find this strange.

He thinks it’s really cool to see the boats floating around. I get up and go to fetch us something to drink. Mini ends up with a beer and I get a glass of wine. It’s super nice! There is a lot of people in the park but at the same time, it’s not yet crowded. We sit down and just relax – looking at the same boats on the lake but with totally different fascinations.
Boats with lights on the lake
Enjoy a glass of wine at the light festival
Enjoy a glass of beer at the light festival
Enjoy a glass of beer at the light festival

Foodtrucks and knickknacks in the park

There is a long line of food vendors and coffee places in the park. You can choose what you want to buy to eat and you can also buy some clothes and things that you usually find in street markets.  After seeing all the different options, we decide to get salsa-burgers and fries from one of the vendors. As we are waiting for the day to turn into night, we are enjoying our burgers, doing some people watching at the same time.

A lot of the things that you can buy here are different lights. For example, they are selling see-through balloons with lights inside. At first glance, I think that they are cool. Ok, the price is a bit steep – eight euros for one plastic balloon. When we leave the festival – I’m sick of all the balloons. Apparently, all the children that are visiting the festival have a balloon and they are E V E R Y W H E R E!Foodtrucks and knickknacks in the park

An explosion of colors

When we are walking inside the park, we see so many cool things. The trees are covered in lanterns, disco lights that are lighted and even watering cans that have lights inside. There are so many colors and lights going on and it’s awesome! At one place they have hanged underwear from a tree. Inside the underwear, there are lights. In the middle of the installation, there is a washing machine. Sure, there must be some sort of message with this installation but everyone seeing it is smiling.

My favorite part is the sofa. There is a “regular” sofa placed in the park and there are some books that you can read. It wouldn’t be a light festival without the lights so the sofa is surrounded by lights. There is a maze, made out of paper bags and the children are running around inside the maze. The lights are electrical so no need to worry about fires. There is also a smoke machine in one part of the park – the children seem to love it and there is a lot of laughter and screams coming from there.
Watering cans that have lights inside
An explosion of colors
An explosion of colors
An explosion of colors
An explosion of colors
An explosion of colors

The magic of lights

Fire show at the magic of lights festival in Travemunde

Suddenly it gets dark. I believe that we actually miss it when it happens. We are having to much fun exploring the park and the dark just creeps upon us. All the lights are shown in all their glory now. And then there is a fire show for us to enjoy. It’s a woman that is playing with fire. It’s fun to see even if I have a kid in front of me with one of the lighted balloons. She (the child) keeps hitting everyone around her with the balloon and it’s ruining the show for everyone around her.

Finally, I ask her mother to turn the balloon off and we can all enjoy the rest of the show. No, it’s no Cirque du Soleil but it’s a nice show. The firebreathing woman gets the crowd engaged and it’s fun to watch. After the show, we are heading back to Lubeck. It’s nine o’clock and we are super tired. At the same time, we are so happy… the light festival in Travemunde is a great event for the family – and best of all – it’s free of charge!
Fire show at the light festival in Travemunde
Fire show at the light festival in Travemunde
Fire show at the light festival in Travemunde

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Information about Magic of lights festival

Address: Kaiserallee 17A, 23570 Lübeck.
When: Two nights in September.
Entrance fee: Free of charge.
Collaboration Germany Lubeck


  1. Ravin

    beautiful place, city of light and magic!
    i would go with my kids, thank you for publishing the wonderful article, and images are too beautiful.

  2. Anna Majak

    Mycket häftigt verkar det som. Kanske ett utflyktsmål?


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