Make every day count!

Life is to short to spend it planning for the future. A lot of us keep planing for the future and forget about the present.
I do proud myself of trying to make everyday count and to do the stuff that “brings bling to everything” even if it is not the extravagant stuff or the expensive stuff.

It is often the simple stuff that makes everything a little “extra” – like putting eyes on the cheese while drinking wine with a good friend 🙂

Make everyday count!

On monday I go back to school for my last year (before I become a journalist) and even if I plan for the future after school I need to keep having fun while getting there.
This school year will be filled with laughs and fun stuff and I will do a lot of traveling in Sweden – I need to see my own country before I leave it (for however long).

Our plans have changed a bit but that is a whole other story. This post is a reminder to make every day count

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  1. <3 Helt klart viktigt att ha lite vardagslyx XOXOX


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