Malbork Castle – A World Record Castle in Poland

Last updated Feb 11, 2022

Malbork (Zamek) Castle
It’s the world’s largest construction made out of bricks. It’s huge and it’s a must see. The Castle of the Teutonic order in Malbork is impressive and offer you a cooling spot during warm days. And Malbork Castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Malbork Castle

While walking around here, you can really feel the old history this place is whispering to you. Towering above the banks of Nogat River it’s impressive and lets the imagination run wild. This was the place where the grandmasters were living. This was the place where the knights walked and now you are invited to walk in the path of history.

Malbork (Zamek) Castle

Malbork Castle was the headquarters of the Grand Master of the order. While walking inside you get a lot of information about the Grand Masters and the Knights. This place takes you back in time and you can feel the history while walking in the different rooms, strolling outside the garden and just taking it all in. The castle is so impressive that it’s hard to explain.

Bricks of Malbork Castle

There are 30 million bricks in the whole construction. 4 500 000 of them are in the high castle. And there is a way to spot what bricks are original and which ones are from the reconstructions. If you look at the bricks and they are dark and not perfectly shaped, it means that they’re original. If you are lucky you can spot some irregularities in the bricks. There is a place while you are exiting where you can see paw prints from dogs in the bricks. Imagine how it was when the bricks were laying out in the sun to dry. There was a dog that stepped on the bricks when they were not dried yet and he (or she) left a paw print.

Malbork (Zamek) Castle Dog prints in an old brick

That paw print is there to this day. Hundreds of years later you can still see the mark that the dog left. How awesome is that?! And there is a place where you can see old bricks and then there is a bunch of newer ones. This is on one of the outside brick walls. This place has been restored from an attack. There was a canon that ruined some parts and that is now restored with newer bricks.

The three sections at Malbork Castle

The castle and its surroundings are 21 acres in total. First, you have the high castle with its chapter house, treasury, refectory, a church and a chapel. In the chapel of St. Anne all the Grandmasters are buried so it’s a special place. Next, there is the Middle castle with the grand refectory, the Grand Masters Palace and the infirmary for the elderly and feeble brothers of the orders.

Malbork (Zamek) Castle

And last but not least there is the Lower castle with the arsenal, stables, brewery and more. And not to forget the walks outside in the gardens and the surroundings.

The magnificent chapel at Malbork Castle

Personally, I love churches and chapels and all that is sacred. I loved the St Mary’s church in Gdansk a lot due to its rich history. The chapel at Malbork castle has been restored because it got destroyed during the war. It is a beautiful place where they have kept its history through time. For example, they have the original floor take up a part of the chapel and then they have another floor in the rest of the place.

Malbork Castle

Make sure to spend some time here and look for the details because they are beautiful. And they are quite easy to miss.

Our visit to Malbork Castle

The first thing I noticed was how there was a breeze as soon as you entered the place. Due to the thick walls, there is always a bit cooler in the yard. This day it was super warm out so I did appreciate the breeze. It’s impressive, no doubt about that. And it is huge. You could spend a whole day here and still miss out on a lot of stuff.

Malbork (Zamek) Castle

We got an automated audio guide and it was a great complement to the exhibits. The ticket costs 39,50 zloty (2017) and for that price, you got the audioguide that they offer to listen to. If you listen to the whole guide the tour will take about three hours. The great part is that they start automatically as you enter interesting places. According to us, this place is a MUST SEE!

Fun Facts about Malbork Castle

  • It is the world’s largest construction made out of bricks.
  • There are 30 000 000 bricks in total.
  • Every year during the last week of July there is a medieval fair organized there.
  • From April to August you can see light and sound shows on the castle grounds.
  • The entrance fee changes during the day.
  • It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Information about Malbork Castle

Opening hours summertime: 09.00 – 19.00 inside the castle and until 20.00 on the yard.
Opening hours wintertime: 10.00 – 15.00 inside the castle and until 16.00 on the yard.
Price: Normal ticket 39,50 zloty. After 17.15 the price is 29,50 zloty.
Address:  Starościńska 1, 82-200 Malbork, Poland.
You can either buy the tickets there or buy them online. Visit Poland press trip



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