Maritime Museum Hamburg – Ships and a rich history

Maritime Museum HamburgMaritime Museum Hamburg or International Maritime Museum is a super impressive place in Hamburg. Mini was ecstatic (since he loves everything connected to the sea). This place is huge and you can spend the whole day here if you like. We were pretty tight on time but we still made it to all floors.

Maritime Museum Hamburg

While searching for reviews and reading about what other people think about this place, there’s one thing that seems a bit off. A lot of the reviews state that there are eight floors to explore inside the museum. In fact, there are nine floors! Yes, you read it right – nine floors to explore. Everything with a focus on marine life.

If you want you can get headphones with an audio guide that will help you to navigate through this huge place. They have a kids corner and they also offer workshops in building model ships. This place is nice and clean and very well arranged. All over the place, you will find movies and information in English.
Maritime Museum Hamburg
a cool fish at the museum

Each exhibition has its own place

Your visit to the museum starts at the bottom floor and then you slowly work your way up. Each floor is showing something different. One of my favorite parts was a model of the Queen Mary II made out of Lego. 780 000 pieces of Lego to be exact! Minis favorite part was the exhibition with all the knots. This is how the floor plan is laid out in the museum.

  1. Voyages of discovery: Navigation and communication.
  2. Around the world by sail power: Sailing ships.
  3. The history of shipbuilding: From craft to a science.
  4. Serving on board: Historic costumes and weapons.
  5. War and peace: Navies of the world since 1815.
  6. Modern shipping: Merchant and passenger shipping.
  7. Marine exploration: The last secret on earth.
  8. Art collection: Maritime painting and treasure chamber.
  9. Models: The big world of little ships.

Knots at the museum
Queen Mary II made out of Lego

Get the most out of your visit to the museum

There are several guided tours where everyone can join and get more out of their visit to the Maritime Museum Hamburg. And what’s best is that all of the different tours that you can join are included in your admission fee.

  • Themed guided tour: Tours are held on Tuesdays at 11.00 and last for about an hour. To join the tour – the meeting place is in the foyer.
  • Captain’s guided tour: This tour is held on Thursdays between 15.00 – 16.30. The meeting point is in the foyer.
  • Ship Simulator: The most awesome of things! Try out the high-tech ship simulator. It looks so cool! The ship simulator is on deck 1 and it’s at 14.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. The meeting point is on deck 1.

The only downside is that the tours are not held that frequent. This means that you need to plan your visit carefully so that you can be in the museum when the tour you want to join is held.
Ship simulator

Our visit to the Maritime Museum Hamburg

We had a great time here and we really enjoyed ourselves. There was one thing that we found extra interesting and at the same time, it was kind of eery to be walking around. I’m talking about the exhibition with costumes and weapons. There were a lot of swastikas on the uniforms. The more we looked at the details, the more of them we found. And once we started to look for the swastikas – they were everywhere.

We found them on letters, on hats, on shirts – yes, everywhere. We both believe that this is such an important part of the history that it needs to be out there. At first, I pointed all of them out to Mini but after a while that became overwhelming. If you find yourself in Hamburg, make time to visit this museum because it’s really great! Another awesome detail… there are chairs that you can carry around with you at the exhibitions. When you get tired – just sit down!
Maritime Museum Hamburg
Maritime Museum Hamburg

Information about Maritime Museum Hamburg

Address: Koreastrasse 1, Kaispeicher B, Hamburg.
Opening hours: Every day between 10.00 – 18.00.
Entrance fee: 13 euros per adult.

Maritime Museum Hamburg

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  1. Bill Osmer

    I. I visited the Museum a few years ago and was amazed at the quantity and quality of the variety of pieces displayed. I’m interested in any updates the museum distributes.

    • Daniel Majak

      Thank you for taking your time and commenting on our site.
      Please subscribe to the museum they will let you know of feature updates.


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