Maya & Anna Blog event in Kristianstad

Sep 25, 2016


BLOG EVENT. Get prepared for a long post. Yesterday I was invited to take part in a blog event. It was 14 girls (and women) that got together and just had a great time. Mini was my designated driver – something that can explain the so-so and lack of pictures from the dinner. 

Anna & Mayas blog event

First of all we had to have dinner. We started out at Restaurant Aptit in central Kristianstad. There I chose the mini pizzas for dinner. They were great – really good pizzas. The only problem I had was that they informed us that this course was equal to one regular sized pizza. That was not the case. After chowing down my food I ended up finishing off some of the other bloggers plates as well :). While it was really good – it was not enough food and because I got the information that it was a lot of food I did not order any starter.

My choice of stone baked gourmet pizzas were Deer filet with lingonberries, portabello and onions. Aptit and Salut: Prosciutto, iberico chorizo, truffle salami and truffle oil. Whitefish roe from Kalix: Peeled shrimps, tomatoes and cream cheese.

My choice of stone baked gourmet pizzas were Deer filet with lingonberries, portabello and onions. Aptit and Salut: Prosciutto, iberico chorizo, truffle salami and truffle oil. Whitefish roe from Kalix: Peeled shrimps, tomatoes and cream cheese.

I had a glas of white wine to drink that was really good and really expensive. The pizzas where you can pick three of your choice cost 22:-USD and a glass of whine for 12:-USD. I do think that I picked the cheapest coarse on the menu. But as I said – the food was really good. And even though I do feel that it is an expensive restaurant, the food is great and well presented.

We sat down and just talked about life and had a nice time. After dinner some of us continued to take a drink on the town. All in all a really nice evening. I have noticed that I need Mini with me to get pictures because I have not a single photo from our evening (except for the food) 🙈 🙉 🙊.

Maya and Anna (our hostesses) went all in making sure we all got a goodie bag. Thank you so much girs for fixing this blog event! And thank you for inviting me and letting me become a part of it! Because of you I now have some new blogs to read!

The goodie bag

I asked Mini to snap a photo of it to show you guys. Here is everything that was in the bag:
1. Cronerts Guld Kristianstad – A pair of earrings with hearts and a bag where I will put my shoes. Webpage:
2. – A carafe for water or wine. It was engraved with “A September to remember 2016”. Webpage:
3. Hinza – A bag that is made of recyclable polyethylene and that are manufactured in Sweden. Webpage:
4. House of Mi – A small store in Åhus that has a lot of nice things for sale. They gave me a lantern with a quote from Lisa Vanderpump: “Throw me to the wolves and I shall come back leading the pack”. Webpage:
5. Dermosil – A really beautiful hand soap that smells lovely and that has a great pink color. Webpage:

A beautiful hand soap in bright pink.

A beautiful hand soap in bright pink.

6. Ioaku by Fanny Ek – A pair of earrings that are shaped as leafs. Webpage:
7. Malmö Teknikkompani HB – A mobile case. Each of us got a case that will fit our phones. Webpage:
8. Mighty Leaf tea  – Tea that is made out of whole leaf and with an artisan blend. Organic Green refreshment. Webpage: mighty
9. Anthon Berg – Chocolate that is very well known in Sweden. Perfect for the sweet tooth. Webpage:
10. Libresse – Tampons, tampons and some more tampons. Even a cute box to carry your tampons in. Also they gave us some pads to try out. Webpage:

A really nice carafe.

A really nice carafe.

11. Zilla F – A print that says “Life doesn’t need to be perfect to be wonderful“. Webpage:
12. My Choice Kristianstad  – An invite to the store. The store will be opened only for you and five friends and you can try clothes in a relaxed environment. Also a 100:- SEK discount. Webpage:
13. Klockaregårdens – A spa soap that is all organic and that smells like autumn and roses. Webpage:
14. Rosenserien – A face cream that is anti wrinkle and a discount coupon for 50:-SEK. Webpage:
15. Gunry – A sheet of tattoos that will wash of and a facial mask with white chocolate. Webpage:


16. Colgate – Toothpaste that also has whitening in it. Perfect for when we travel and we can bring it in our carryon while traveling. Webpage:
17. Palmolive – A shower soap that smells like vanilla while using it. Webpage:
18. Foot Mender – Take care of your feet and your feet will love you. Webpage:
19. Nocco – No Carb energy drinks. One is the taste of tropical and the other one is orange. Webpage:
20. Octean – Saframyl supplements with saffron.For tired people that want to be more upbeat. Webpage:

Look at all this colors!

Look at all this colors and mixed things! Thank you for the blog event!

21. Coldzyme – And this is something that helps you when you have a cold and do not feel well. Webpage:
22. Mshop – A waterproof massager?! Webpage:
23. Hemmets – A Swedish magazine that has a little of everything in it. Articles and recipes and crossword puzzles and loads of reading. Webpage:

Make Up store Kristianstad – A 15 minutes of consultation about your skin base.
Lustjakt – If you buy stuff on their webpage they will give you some extra stuff. I am almost sure that you can find something you like.

It was great meeting some bloggers. Maybe there will be someone else that loves to travel! Most of all I enjoyed meeting all the other bloggers and getting to talk to some of them.
As a result of this evening I can’t wait to visit all the other blogs. In conclusion I am more than happy with the evening. I can’t thank you all enough.


  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Ojojoj vad mycket grejor i den där goodiebagen! Man kanske borde gå på annat än reseevent haha. Fast å andra sidan använder jag inte krämer 😉

  2. Christel Holmberg

    Tack själv för att du var med och fick mig att känna mig som en i gänget 🙂


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