Modern Polish cuisine at Szafarnia 10, Gdansk

Last updated May 24, 2021

Gdansk Szafarnia 10The restaurant’s name is not just the name of the place but also the address of where the restaurant is located. Here you can eat some great modern Polish and Pomeranian cuisine in a beautiful environment. The location of the restaurant is perfect – right by the harbor in Gdansk. And the food was really good too!

Restaurant Szafarnia 10

Mystical or maybe just different kind of music but it all fits into this place. You can choose to sit outside and admire the view or inside and just relax. The first thing I noticed was not my favorite. There is an aquarium inside and it’s stuffed with lobsters. Poor living lobsters that you can order as a meal. I know that we eat lobsters and I’m good with that, however, I didn’t fancy the way the lobsters were in a bare aquarium with their claws all taped up.
Gdansk Szafarnia 10
If this was my restaurant, I would have a big aquarium that was “furnished” for the lobsters. In that case, the lobsters could enjoy their life while waiting to be eaten. But enough about the lobsters – we didn’t order that so no worries.

Fusion of flavors at Szafarnia 10

This is the place where the modern meets tradition. They serve regular polish food but in a new way. It’s locally produced and with vegetables of the season. We went there for lunch and we both chose the Veal schnitzel with young cabbage and dill, served with mashed potatoes. First, they brought us some sort of paté with foam on top. I have no idea what it was but one of the flavors I could taste was cinnamon. And an edible flower on top!
Gdansk Szafarnia 10

It was really nice and also the main course was incredible. The portion was big – which is one thing that I love while being at restaurants and enjoying food! And Poland is known for big portions = Annika is happy!
Gdansk Szafarnia 10

Information about Szafarnia 10

Address: Szafarnia 10, Gdansk

Szafarna 10 is part of the Gdansk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige program and I understand why!
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Gdansk Szafarnia 10


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