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Feb 27, 2019

momondo ambassadorsmomondo Ambassadors. That really feels great to both write and say out loud. Even to shout out loud! This blog was started in 2009 (then it was called “Bring Bling To Everything”) and since then life has been a journey with ups and downs. Now we are more up than ever and thanks to momondo we will continue to explore and Open our World.

Momondo winners Open World 2018

Last year was a really good year for us. Our small company was going really good and we worked like crazy. The problem was that our time was placed on working as a freelance photographer and journalist and not on our website. Last year we decided to put more time on and boy was that work worth it.

We ended up winning the momondo Open World and it was amazing! You can read our previous post about it here. This meant the world to us and sparked a light that we want to continue with our website and make it grow. In the past, we have focused more on magazines and we will still be writing for several magazines but we will try to write more here on this site instead. Winning the Open World competition that momondo is a great start.
Blogpost from Lanzarote

A new beginning for

From 2019 we have decided to focus more on our website and less on writing articles for magazines. We will still be doing freelance work, but we will choose the magazines we write for and not be pitching to as many magazines as before. It is time for to continue to grow and with the help of momondo, we are on our way to get there.

Getting the ambassadorship feels unreal and awesome and words can’t describe how happy we are that momondo gave us this opportunity. We also joined their team and gave our input in their launch of “22 reasons why travelers choose momondo”. Because there is so much more to momondo than just a search engine for getting the best deals. You can also read inspiring articles on different destinations and find great lists on what to do while in a city or country.
momondo ambassadors

Momondo Ambassadors 2019 – traveling with momondo

So what does that mean that we are momondo Ambassadors? Well, it means several different things. First of all, it means that we will be discovering the world and sharing it with you guys. We want to spread the word about traveling with an open mind. There is still a huge need to open our world and to see that we are all people and even if we come from different cultures and have different languages – we have more in common than we think. We want to be a part of this and making sure that we see our world and even more importantly, that we open our minds and learn from each other.

Since we are already traveling right now, we decided that the first stop in this collaboration will be Lanzarote. It is one of the lesser known of the Canary Islands, compared to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Our website already has a lot of information about this beautiful island but be on the lookout for more in the future!
momondo ambassadors

What will this partnership do for us and

I don’t think that I need to point out anymore how much this collaboration means to us. We will be able to travel and to focus more on our website than ever. We will have the opportunity to explore without the stress of “pitching new ideas to magazines”. Our writing and photography time will be focused on and with the help of momondo we hope that our page will grow and become bigger.

The benefits for us are big as momondo ambassadors but there are also big benefits for our readers with this partnership.

How will you guys benefit from this

We will be traveling with momondo and writing about it on our website. So what does that do for you guys? Well, first of all – you will have access to new content on Information that will help you to decide on what to do on your next trip or where to go. But wait… there is more…

We will also be showing you some of the awesome features that momondo provide and how you can use them. By creating blog posts and videos of some of momondos features, we will show you the possibilities and features that you can use while browsing the momondo website. A deeper dive and analysis of their annual flight study and more information on their 100% transparency is coming up – that and lots more!

Join us for this adventure as we are proudly officially announcing that we are momondo ambassadors 2019!


  1. Kors och Tvärs

    Wa kul! Grattis! Det har ni gjort er förtjänta av, verkligen 👍👍

    • Annika & Mini

      Tusen tack! Va glada vi blir 🙂


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