Momondo Open world winners 2018

May 24, 2018

Momondo Open WorldWhen I am writing this we are in the car. Mini is driving and the gala ended about an hour ago. We are heading back to Bromölla because I need to be at work on Thursday. Yes I will be tired but I will also be very, very happy. Because we WON. We won the Open World awards!

Open World Winners 2018

This is so huge for us. This is what we have been working for and trying to achieve some sort of recognition for the work that we do. Finally all the hard work paid off! We have still not begun to comprehend that we were the winners. I’m not even sure of what I want to write here – thank you feels not enough.

This is amazing. The people at momondo saw something in us and in this website and about the way we live that made them choose us as winners. We are thrilled and even if the honor of being chosen as the winners is more than enough, we won so much more!
Momondo Open world

The price of winning Open world

Like I said, the title is more than enough and this will open so many doors for us. But there was more. We won 12 000 Swedish crowns at monondo to use for a trip. We have already started to plan what trip we should make but this is still to new information so we will have to get back to you about that!

We will also be going to Copenhagen and meet the winners from other Countries. This competition was also held in Finland, Portugal, Italy and Germany. While in Copenhagen we will join a workshop with people from momondo, Google and Facebook. Now how awesome is that?
Momondo open world prize 2018
Momondo open world

Freelancing during the summer

When we heard that we were one of 10 finalists we decided straight away that we needed to be at the gala, no matter what. I had already promised a newspaper that I would be freelancing for them during the summer and it felt awful to send them an email, asking for a day off, even if I had not started to work there yet. Thank god they said yes and I took Wednesday off.

We started yesterday by driving 600 kilometers to Stockholm. Then, after the gala, we got straight back to the car and drove the 600 kilometers back. But that was so worth it and we would do it again in a heartbeat! This summer will be spent in Sweden. I am going to freelance for a local newspaper and Mini will be freelancing as a photographer for different companies so we are set for the summer. But this post is not about that – this is about our night yesterday and the gala we attended.

Gala – Momondo Open World 2018

So this was the first time that momondo had this type of Gala. They did an amazing job. We were at “Skyddsrummet” in Södermalm, Stockholm and there were travel-bloggers, YouTubers, travel photographers and people from the travel industry. It was like paradise! First, we got to mingle with some amazing people and we got the agenda for the evening. Then it was time for food and boy was the food fit for a gala.

After that it was time for the award ceremony. There were four different categories and we were in the Open World “collective work”. The other categories were best blog, best photography, best video and Open World.
Skyddsrummet in Stockholm

The buffet at momondo open world awards

We have to show you guys what food they had prepared. We are pretty used to fancy food since we do press trips from time to time but we were really impressed with the food.
This is what we got:


Dumplings with tequila dip and soy sauce.

Food at Momondo Open world

Burgers with mayonnaise that had truffles in it. Jalapeños and chill sauce. And yes it was just as good as it sounds.

Food at momondo open world

Pimientos de padrón – these were really good!

Food at momondo Open World

Roasted baguette with goat cheese, bacon and figs.

Food at momondo open world

Couscous made of cauliflower with pomegranate, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese.

Our evening at the gala

Everything was perfect! We got to meet so many like-minded people and it was beautifully arranged. I appreciate the small things that make a huge difference. Like the cards that they had printed out and left on tables. The cards were of all the finalists in all categories. We took one of each (and three of our own). What a great idea from momondo to make these cards.

And what is funny is that the winner of the best blog was from Kristianstad, which is 20 kilometers from us. Discovering the planet is a blog that we will follow from now on! And even if the blog is in Swedish, there is a part in English at the end of each post so make sure to check it out! And the fact that I know her husband since many, many years was super fun!
Winners from the momondo open world

We are all a family – Welcome to Open world

I can not remember what we said when we got the award. I really hope that we thanked momondo for making the gala and for choosing us. We were up against some really big bloggers and influencers so this feels amazing and unreal! The jury’s motivation for choosing us was…

They have created a channel that really inspire people to say yes to new experiences while traveling. This is a channel that really shows curiosity and the explored unknown. They have a specific passion in sharing their experiences with others about our amazing world. With an honest tone they show you that it is not always easy to travel full time.



The winners in all the categories:

Best Blog:
Post: Lydias Planet
Collective work: Discovering the planet

Best photography:
Post: Ola Cedell
Collective work: Everyday Explorers

Best video:
Post: Where is Alice
Collective work: LifeInMotion

Open World:
Post: pwgfreestyle
Collective work: Finally Lost


  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Stort GRATTIS till er!!! Och till Skåne 😉

    • mini

      Tack så hemskt Mycket det betyder så mycket just nu.😘

  2. Pilla

    Grattis till priset!

    • mini

      Tack så hemsk mycket!🤗



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