Most inspirational travel blogger – Explorer

Jul 9, 2019

Most inspirational travel blogger - Explorer
Most inspirational travel blogger – Explorer. This is our title for the rest of the year! It was the travel agent Apollo that were searching for different bloggers and thanks to you guys, we made it! We were up against some really awesome blogs so we are super happy that we won!

Different categories in the competition

We have written about the contest in previous posts. First, we wrote about the nomination and how we got contacted by Apollo. When we were nominated, there were about 40 other blogs in our category. The different categories were:

  • Enjoying life (epicurean) – Do you like nice hotels and good food then this is your category.
  • Explorer – Do you love to explore new places and share those with your readers? Well, then this is your category.
  • The Local Expert – Are you a local expert that find the “off tracks”?

I believe that we could have fitted in all the categories but “explorer” was the one that suited us best.  So first we needed to come to the finale. That’s when we asked everyone to vote for us. The top ten of the nominated blogs would get to the finals. When the time was up – we were in first place!
Finallylost travel blogger

Getting to the finals “Most inspirational travel blogger – Explorer”

After we reached the finals – the voting started over. Now there were only ten of us and to get to the “final finale” we needed to get into the top three. And once again, we made it! We made it all the way to the top – to first place! When the voting ended we were so excited. We knew that we were up against some other really great bloggers but we were ready and ready to accept whatever the result might be.

And then they presented the winners in all categories and WE WON! The motivation from the jury:

Annika & Daniel Majak spreads inspiration through a fresh and happy portal. In an interesting way, they tell about different destinations with passion, as well as spreading adventure lust through lovely texts, movies and photos. They also dare and inspire to take the plunge, discover more and live their dream.

Exploring Portugal Algarve

Most inspirational travel blogger – Explorer

We are so proud of getting the title from Apollo. But there’s more. With the title comes a trip to Fuerteventura, how awesome is that?! We have spent more than a month there before and now we will go back and just enjoy life and get some work done. It is always luxurious when we get to stay at a hotel so we are really looking forward to it!

Here you can read the press release about the contest and about the result. In the other categories, the winners were matochresebloggen as this years epicurean and New York – My bite of the Big Apple as the winner of “local expert” and also the overall winner of the title “Most inspirational travel blogger”. Huge congrats to those guys to! And finally – thank you to Apollo for creating this great contest and for taking your time and effort to believe in us!
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