A new carry on – Samsonite X blade 3.0

Aug 27, 2016

A new carry on

We travel a lot. And we always had cheap and crappy carry on luggage. But not anymore! Say hello to my new pearl… a Samsonite X blade 3.0 expandable. 

A brand new Samsonite X blade 3.0

I am super happy. I always used to buy the cheapest carry on and use them until they break. Not anymore! Now I will be traveling in style! My last pink carry on bag broke and I decided to really look into it and buy the perfect carry on for me. Say hello to Mr Grey – my brand new pride and joy a Samsonite!

Why did I pick this one? I love that it is expandable! Great if you want to use it and check it at the airport. I took my old pink carry on (that was busted) and packed it with Minis old t-shirts. On our way to town to buy the new carry on – we gave the one with clothes to a man. A man that is sitting outside a store, begging for money. Now at least he has some t-shirts to wear and some bedsheets. It feels great to give something back to the community. Not all people are fortunate enough to be able to buy a new carry on. He was happy and we were happy!

The grey one is mine and the black one is Minis :)

The grey one is mine and the black one is Minis :). I love my new Samsonite

But back to Mr Grey! I was thinking of doing an informational post about the bag and I will. But first I need to try it out! And I will – on Tuesday. A true work trip with my brand new bag! I will let you know what I think of it after a couple of trips 🙂

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