No matter what – Thailand always works!

Feb 18, 2016

A lot of people that travel to Thailand tend to return. Compared to Sweden it is cheap there, the water is clear blue and the country has a culture that needs to be explored.
There is so much to see in this beautiful, somewhat heart shaped country,  but there is also a dark side to Thailand that we tend to forget.
The sex industry seems to be focused more on international customers than in most other countries. How come that is not up for discussion? Do we leave our morals back home when we travel?

Elephant ride Thailand tourism

No matter what - Thailand always works!

We tend to bicker about the elephant and monkey industry in Thailand but what about the prostitution? How come it is not a part of the discussion when we brag about having been in Thailand?

While traveling through Thailand it was horrible and terrifying to see how tourists walk during the evening with their children. No let me correct that – the terrifying thing is not the evening walk with children but the paths they walk… for example Bangla Road in Patong.
Where does children fit in with the offerings for “pingpong show” and young women that are next to naked and polishing a pole?
Do these people inform their children about what they are seeing? We are no parents and have no right to point our moral fingers on the tourists but please – IT IS TIME to at least start a discussion about the “dark side of Thailand”.

We love this country even if it has become more and more “Swedish”. We say no to the all- inclusive hotels owned by europeans and where everyone speaks Swedish and try to find the local restaurants and places. Don’t get me wrong – we also do all of the touristy stuff, because lets face it… Thailand always works!

It is a country that has so much to offer but at the same time it is your duty as a human being to also include the negatives and not just the nice beaches and the beautiful islands!

Here are some documentaries on the sex industry in Thailand (you can watch them on Youtube):

My BF The Sex Tourist – An interesting documentary that brings up the issue of thai women that satisfy white men for the hope of getting married and leaving for a better life.

Sex Tourism – The documentary is about 30 minutes and it is about western men going to Thailand and meeting “bar girls” while on vacation. 

Sex Tourism Industry – Not only thai women get exploited when it comes to sex tourism. This documentary deals with the problem of trafficking and how uzbek women are forced to be sex slaves in Bangkok and Pattaya. 


  1. Sara

    Usch, har hört så många hemska historier om sexindustrin i Thailand 🙁

  2. Henrik Olsson

    Jag hade nog föredragit att rida på elefanter framför någon pingpong-show – men jag är ju också lite fin i kanten!! 😛

  3. Sara

    Jag älskar Thailand! Vi var inte på såna ställen där man såg såna hemskheter.

  4. Caroline

    intressant inlägg! aldrig varit i Thailand dock.


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