Only in Dubai – Gold “to go”

Dubai atm gold to go

In dubai you can find a gold market and Atm Machines that you can whihdraw gold “to go” from.
At the market they even had burj khalifa made out of gold.

Gold “to go”

The value of money changes all the time. I remember when I was a little girl and went to bay a lollipop in Poland. The cost was 4000 PLN approximately 0,2 SEK in (Swedish kronor). Then a couple of years back they took away a couple of zeros from the Polish currency and all of a sudden the Polish currency was stronger than the Swedish.
Dad always said that if you have money to spare, invest it in gold because gold will never loose its value.

It seems like the residents of Dubai has the Same mindset as my father, at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai you can bay gold – almost as an ATM for money but instead of money it will come out gold 🙂


Only in Dubai - Gold "to go"

Only in Dubai - Gold "to go"


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